TCA CROSS and CO2 Laser - fractional laser over months

*Treatment results may vary

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This shows what can be achieved with targeted approaches to scars. This picture is very old, 2012, at that time I used TCA CROSS (still the treatment of choice for deep scars and ice pick scars), however I also performed multiple treatments using a CO2 laser- fractional mode. In 2016, I still do believe that TCA CROSS in the way I invented drip technique ) is the best for deep scars, but for fractional treatments I now prefer INFNI RF insulated micro needling RF with PRP. This gives better results, with a much faster recovery rate. Regardless, CO2 laser in fractional mode is still an excellent method to address acne scars (Just not Fraxel Co2, as there are much better lasers made by DEKA, Syneron Candela and Lumenis). Multiple treatment to target acne scar types will always give the best results. Additionally it is all about the method and not the device. As for all acne scar treatments, realistic expectations must be met. Not all scars will completely go, but an improvement of 30-95% can be expected depending on the severity of acne scars, the commitment of the patient, and the talent of the Specialist. Dr Davin Lim.