Fillers and subcision

*Treatment results may vary

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Atrophic and tethered scars on the temples and forehead can be treated with fillers. I often subscise and fill at the same time. Only one session was needed for this side, photos taken 6 days apart. The use of a needle to free up the scars is key to raising them up. If one does not 'break the bonds' lumps will occur. Result using Bellafilll are permanent, however in this area, I prefer Volbella Juvederm as this is a HA only based filler. With structural support from underneath HA filler are safer if a vascular event occurs. One can also use microneedling RF with PRP, however fillers have the advantage of no downtime. In correct hands, this is my preferred option for temple and forehead acne scars and chicken pox scarring. Dr Davin Lim.