Dark acne scars called PIH treated with lasers

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Look at the finer details of skin texture, and pores, combined with a marked decrease in brown make left from PIH or post inflammatory hyper pigmentation secondary to acne. PIH is more common in Ethnic skin types - especially Asian skin, and if left untreated can remain for a few years. I use gentle lasers such as Picosure Focus or QSL over a period of weeks to months. This improves the pigment, but also skin texture, especially pore sizing. Do not use fractional Co2- Fraxel to treat PIH as it can worsen this condition. Lately I have been using gentle Clear+Brilliant with Vitamin A and C skin infusion as another method to treat PIH due to dark acne scars. Oh, remember to control your acne and always remember the sunscreen.
Dr Davin Lim 

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