Dark acne scars treated with laser

*Treatment results may vary

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The enlarged pores and dark acne scars are called PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmenatation and is due to acne. This type of scarring responds well to picosecond lasers, and Q Switch lasers. Micro needling, RF, INFINI, fractional lasers etc. are not appropriate for PIH, as some of these lasers can actually worsen the condition (e.g. Co2 or Fraxel laser). The treatment of choice is with picosecond laser or QSL, in a low power setting over several months. Note the improvement in skin texture, and a marked improvement in PIH or dark spots. Patients usually require 4-8 sessions. For pico, I space 4 sessions 3-4 weeks apart, for normal QSL, a session every 2 weeks. No downtime with low power lasers for PIH
Dr Davin Lim