35-44 year old woman treated with Pulsed Dye Laser

*Treatment results may vary

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The QuadroStar Pro Yellow Laser is the first a solid-state diode laser operating at the 577 nm wavelength and includes a novel scanning delivery device resulting in the first solid-state yellow laser for treating vascular (rosacea/blood vessels/acne) and pigmented (melasma/sunspots)lesions. The QuadroStar Pro Yellow is designed to replace complicated pulsed dye lasers with a compact solution that has no running costs or consumable components. A feature of diode lasers operating at 577 nm is high energy absorption in vessels and pigment making the device far more efficacious than broadband light devices or lasers operating at 532 nm and other wavelengths. Requiring less energy makes the QuadroStar Pro Yellow more comfortable for patients.