Acne Free RF

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Notice the indentations, scars, and active acne in the pre photos. I know these are early acne scars because of the history but also the examination. Early acne scars are red due to inflammation. These scars can be remodelled with Vitamin A tablets, creams, and my regime of RadioFrequency treatments. This patient had 4 treatments spaced one month apart. The results speak for the treatment itself. Unlike laser, RF does not break skin, and downtime is only 1-2 days. Most patients get treatment on either a Friday or Saturday, and by Monday, the skin is normal. Scars continue to fade after the last RadioFrequency treatment. My RF of choice is the eMatrix. I have a specially programmed eMatrix by Syneron Candella that delivers a more powerful energy level with each pulse. As for pain, most patients find this tolerable - if needed we use a special numbing cream, and a post treatment anti- inflammatory cream. Enjoy viewing before and after scar revision treatments. Dr Davin Lim

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