Almost perfect...

*Treatment results may vary

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This is laser resurfacing with pretty good results. Patient skin type is the key, as she has fair skin. Her scars on the other hand were very difficult to treat. I elected to use my hybrid system of erbium fully ablative, and CO2 Fractional in the one treatment. It combines fully ablative laser with CO2 in the same session. It s much like Scition Halo laser, except 10 x more energy. Skin Type 1-2 do best, however even darker skin types do well. This is only one session, downtime of only 8 days. I finished off the treatments with V BEAM Vascular Laser. This laser is a healing laser, reducing red scars, but also stimulating collagen. So.... in this patient I used 3 lasers in combination. 3 individual lasers act as more than the sum of the parts. This method of scar revision makes sense... I use the benefits of each laser, and combine it in one ( or two sessions). Not all scars do well with this method- scars that are of the same depth and subtype do best.  Dr Davin Lim