CO2 Laser to Improve Skin

*Treatment results may vary

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It takes me 30 minutes to perform full face laser ablation using BOTH erbium and CO2 laser. This is my absolute favourite combination to address improvement in skin texture, and skin tone- nothing tightens skin better than a CO2 laser. I use Erbium laser to 'erase' static wrinkles, and the CO2 causes skin tightening, making skin firmer and more youthful. The procedure is conducted under mild sedation with blocks and local numbing cream, recovery following erbium and CO2 resurfacing takes 9-10 days, with redness persisting for up to 4 weeks. This before and after was purely laser. Ideally I see patients 8 weeks after and then use some Juvaderm to address any volume changes. I then maintain the results with monthly vitamin A peels, and the usual ABCs of skin care. Dr Davin Lim