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Obalon is an FDA-approved intragastric balloon system for weight loss. It uses a series of three balloons, which are temporarily placed in the stomach by swallowing a capsule. Each balloon is then filled with gas, creating a feeling of fullness. All balloons are removed endoscopically in 6 months from the first one. Obalon is intended for adults with a BMI of 30 to 40, who are willing to follow a diet and exercise program, and who have not had any weight loss surgeries before.

Reviews from the Community

Highly Recommend Obalon - Philadelphia, PA

From the moment the balloon was placed and again after the second two placed, I had no issues, no side effects and so discomfort. Following a health diet, counting calories and exercising, I lost 30 pounds. I highly recommend Obalon as a catalyst to losing weight. My blood pressure is now normal... READ MORE

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