Botox Breast Lift Weakens Pecs, Only Good For Small Breasts

Real Beauty News on 18 Jun 2008 at 1:54pm

New Jersey plastic surgeon Steven L. Davis appeared on Fox News' Mike & Juliet as part of an investigation into the Botox breast lift, the latest off-label use for Botox. Dr. Davis says "it actually causes the patients to have better posture, lifting their chest up, which is causing them to have a breast lift."

The patient in the story wanted to wear a tank top without a bra, and went to the internet to see what could be done without surgery, when she found the botox breast lift. She was already seeing the Cherry Hill plastic surgeon for facial Botox, and asked if he'd do the breast technique.

Dr. Davis, a board certified plastic surgeon, points out that Botox weakens the muscles it is injected in - so if you inject the pectoral muscles, it will cause the back muscles to overcompensate and force good posture.

Mike & Juliet asked Allergan, the maker of Botox, what their response was to the Botox Breast Lift.

Allergan repsonded with "Botox Cosmetic in the breast area is an off-label use, meaning that this technique has not been validated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. This is not implying that it is dangerous, just that it has not gone through the rigor of the FDA review process, which evaluates drug safety and efficacy for a given use."

The patient who had the Botox breast lift appeared on Mike and Juliet and says she's definitely "perkier" but Dr. Davis warns that  while this may work for someone with A-cup breasts, larger sizes can't expect good results from this use of Botox.