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Nagor breast implants come in teardrop or round shapes, are smooth or textured, and are made of silicone gel or saline. Their product lines include CoGel, IMPLEO, IMPLEO Smooth, GFX, and RGI. Each line comes in from 38 to 90 variations to provide a customized fit. Manufactured in the U.K., they’re distributed to over sixty countries, but not in North America. Each implant comes with a lifetime patient guarantee.

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36 Years Old, 2 Kids 152cm, 45kg, under the muscle, 240cc - Mexico, MX

I have never really had any breast through all my life. And I kind of made a peace with it (until recently). I would say before I had babies I was 32 small A, then after two babies my breast shrunk to 30AA (nothing!). When I was 30 years old, I gave birth to my first... READ MORE

4 Years of Thinking About It and I'm Finally Doing It!

I've researched breast implants and surgeonsfor way too long now and have finally booked my surgery with Adrian Richards at aurora clinics. I have chosen to go for nagor textured 390cc over the muscle. I had my pre op yesterday and now I just have to wait. Seeing my surgeon in a in few days so... READ MORE

30yo, No Kids, 170cm, 65kg, Nagor 360cc HP silicone, above muscle, Mild Tuberous Breast

Finally doing it! Always thought that will do boob job after getting kids, but here we are, I am 30 years old and don't want to wait anymore. I don't like how my breasts looks, they are like tubes... and very small for my body. I am getting 330-360cc, hopefully under muscle, but will see what PS... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 2 Kids, 390cc Nagor Gel Silicone Implants Under the Muscle

I've always wanted bigger breasts since the age of about 11! Having now had my 2 children (breastfeeding both) my breasts have shrunk even more so now is the time for me to go for it. I've had a c-section with my youngest so feeling slightly more brave about surgery now. I'm going for 390cc... READ MORE

24 YO, 10A/B, 60kg - Want to Be Natural Looking D - Looking for Advice - Australia

I am needing some advice regarding size if anyone can help... I have had two consultations with my surgeon now and have been really happy with his bedside manner and info etc but am worried about getting the wrong size implant. At my first consultation he measured my BWD as 12cm so I went home... READ MORE

5ft 6", 126lbs, Nagor HP 330cc Silicone Overs.

Around 4 years ago I lost just under 30lbs in 12 months, I was 147lbs to begin with so this was a fair amount to lose in a short period of time. I found that the weight loss resulted in me losing a lot of the fullness in my breasts. My breasts were very full before and I have stretch marks on... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5"6', Currently 32b. Having 390cc Moderate Profile Nagor Implants in London

Let me start by saying how amazing this site is, however I had already booked my surgery before finding it!! I'm having my surgery through My Breast who are based in London although I'm from the midlands. They prefer to use moderate profile implants and the biggest my ps would go was 390cc. He... READ MORE

25yo No Kids, Very Petite 105lbs, 5ft, 30A-30C/D, 270/305cc Silicone textured round Nagor

Hi everyone! I'm new here but have read lots of your stories already so wanted to share mine now :) I have always had a nice full B cup up until I fell very ill 2 years ago and lost a lot of weight but also I lost muscle and tissue and was left very flat :(( having always been happy with my... READ MORE

34A Before with 390cc Nagor Implants

All I did for the weeks coming up to my surgery was google reviews and photos so I'm going to try and be as helpful as I can! I'm not the best at writing so bare with me! I had come across Aurora clinics online as all their reviews were amazing, I ended up going with Dr Fallahdar at The Private... READ MORE

27 Year Old, No Kids, 34A Having 240cc Nagor Impleo Moderate Profile, over the Muscle - London, GB

Ahhh 4 days! I wanted to do a review on here as I've found it so helpful, especially for finding girls with smaller implants. I am booked in for 240cc subglandular implants on Tuesday 4th October. I'm excited and nervous, and paid for the procedure yesterday so no going back! I'm a 34a now and... READ MORE

210cc Nagor Silicone MP Unders - Recovery Journey

This site has been such a brilliant resource that I thought I'd document my own recovery process, and hopefully I can be of some help to anyone considering BA or going through the recovery themselves. The basic stats: I'm 5'5", 50kg and was a 32A with basically no upper pole. Very slight... READ MORE

24 YO, Barely A Cup, 330cc HP Nagor (No Kids, 172cm, 55kg) -Hungary

I am your typical story of the underdeveloped girl (in the chest region) with low (non-existing) self-esteem. I was told to wait til I'm older, they'll grow, but they never did and in 2015 I finally decided to go for it and a year later everything came together to make this dream come true; to... READ MORE

26 Years Old 3 Children Little Bee Stings 300cc to 330cc Nagor Moderates - Manchester, GB

Hi everybody I have been thinking about breast surgery for a number of years and have recently over the last few months visited 3 different hospitals, spire, transform and 52 alderly road. I have chosen to go with Richard Johnson at 52 alderly and am booked in for surgery on 26th Jan next year... READ MORE

BA: 460cc. Nagor. Textured. Dual placement. Nu Clinic. Before= 32B, H=5 ft 5, W= 10st 7pds, Waist 10.

I am feeling so excited right now. Been watching videos on Youtube regarding post-op tips. I am currently a size 10 waist, B cup, 5 foot 5 inches tall. Getting 460cc Nagor implants round. I have two bras to wear for post op. They both do up at the front which will make life much easier! :O)... READ MORE

27 Yr Old, 5.4ft, , 117lb,420cc HP Nagor Implemo subfascial, areola incision.

I am 27, 5,4ft and 117lbs. I am currently a 34A/32B my breast base diameter is about 12cm. I am a mother of one. I breast fed for 9 months. I am planning to have breast augmentation in Madrid. I would like to know if there is anyone on this site who has had a BA in Madrid and what experience... READ MORE

34B - Over Muscle 295cc Nagor’s CoGel Anatomical Moderate - England, GB

Hi, I had my op 12 hours ago. My goal was very natural slopped breasts, not too big, just filled back up. I wanted to keep a slight fold to keep them natural looking. I have breast fed 3 children. It's very early but right now they are very solid and fake looking. I have no food and they... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 5"5 Weighs 9st. 300cc Nagor Moderate Round Implants. - Manchester, UK

Hi everyone, ive been on realself for a while now before my surgery reading everybodies stories and it has helped a lot to answer questions so i thought i would post mine. I've wanted my boobs done since I was about 16 and I finally found the confidence after my sister had hers done and got... READ MORE

weight 56.5 kg 5'7" overs 330cc 360cc nagor silicon implants - Southampton, GB

Had my first consultation today with nurse advisor at Spire hospital in Southampton it was really good dint ask all the questions I wanted to know maybe will book to see ps Nigel Horlock soon and will get all my answers. The hospital was lovely and Georgie Collins was great dint feel... READ MORE

23years Old, No Kids, Starting with 32b and Had 390cc Nagor - Birmingham, GB

Hi everyone! I have been browsing real self for a few months now and it really helped me to prepare for my breast augmentation surgery. I am 2 weeks post op so still early enough for you to follow my healing journey! Apologies as this first part is quite the essay! I'll start off with my... READ MORE

240 Cc, over the Muscle, Nagor Impleo HP - United Kingdom, GB

Hi everyone! My op is on the 27th of October and the nerves are kicking in eek!!! I'm now panicking and googling far too much!!! My surgeon has suggested I go over the muscle due to excercise and the small Implant that I'm having.. But researching is making me worried I'm making the wrong... READ MORE

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