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MonaLisaTouch is a laser therapy used to treat changes in vaginal health often caused by menopause. Common symptoms include itching, burning, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse. It can also be used to treat similar side effects in women who have undergone a hysterectomy or breast cancer treatments. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm off to See the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Ahhhhhs - Newport, CA 55yrs Old

Today was the day!!! I am a long time "Ripping/Tearing" sufferer here, even before menopause, which back then they blamed on birth control pills. Now, almost a decade post-menopause, my "man cave" is in desperate need of an overhaul!! I opted not to do any Hormone Replacement Therapy and other... READ MORE

57, No Longer Dead in Bed

After menopause, I discovered changes with my body that nobody in my youth thought to warn me about. I was certain my sex life had ended because of the changes women go through as a result of the aging process. I talked to my gynecologist and he assured me nothing could be done to treat the... READ MORE

Post-menapausal Skin Tears - Miami, FL

I am unable to have sex without my skin tearing, I have tried creams, and pills none work and I Urinate with every step I take. Mini pads worked a while now it's getting worse, (58yr.old, Hysterectomy several yrs ago.) I have been told this procedure will fix these two issues. Some insurance... READ MORE

60 YO and Not Ready to Shut Down the Factory Just Yet. East Texas, PA

I am beginning the journey to find a solution to this menopause siruation! I will report my finding here! I am married to a wonderful man and just can't believe that there is no solution to my menopause nightmare. Imagine my surprise when the ol girl stopped functioning like herself. The... READ MORE

66 Years Old 2 Kids - Tarzana, CA

I have had vulvadynia fir 9 years nothing including surgery has worked you name it i did it. I am hoping this can help me with vaginal dryness and burning. Already get botix injected for levator spasms every 4-6 months takes away the spasms. Now want the burn gone. I had my first will see what... READ MORE

Mona Lisa Procedure - Fountain Vally CA

I decided to get the "Mona Lisa" procedure done primarily to combat vaginal dryness which was a result of getting a full hysterectomy at 37 years of age (I am now 54). Basically, I got tired of needing to use lubrication when sexually active... The treatment consists of 3 separate Gyn. visits... READ MORE

Mona Lisa Treatment

Due to breast cancer I was thrown into menopause at a very early age. I was unable to take hormon replacement and experienced severe vaginal dryness! The Mona Lisa treatment made a tremendous difference. Already after the first treatment I saw a big improvement! I just had my last treatment and... READ MORE

Fem Renew - Toronto, ON

I had been suffering for several months and seemed unable to get help from my doctor who sent me on several tests and did not address or understand the issue I was having. All tests were clear, but issues were not addressed. It seemed impossible to me that in this day and age and medical... READ MORE

66 and Still Wanting Sex! - Atascadero, CA

I've been experiencing painful intercourse for approximately 8 years or since I first started menopause at 58. In my early 40's I was at my peak for having multiple climaxes for the first time in my life. In hind-sight I had a partner who knew how a women needs to feel in a relationship and I... READ MORE


After more than a year of having consistent bladder infections, terrible vaginal dryness, and in fear of intercourse; I knew I had to address this with Dr. London. She prescribed Estrace cream (very expensive) which did help but since it is a hormone, I was not comfortable being on that... READ MORE

Went Through Two Session on Touch. Not Worth the Price

My doc convinced me that tissue will get heathy and I will see a significant increase in suppleness etc. there will be no need to use topical estrogen. I went through two sessions and difference is only like 15%. Still have to use estriol. Perhaps it will work for others but it certainly didn't... READ MORE

Causing Incontinence - Phoenix, AZ

I am 40 and have vaginal atrophy and dryness from early menopause. Prior to Mona Lisa Touch I had no urinary issues. After the first treatment I noticed some improvement in vaginal lubrication. Unfortunately, to my great dismay I developed urinary urgency and leakage shortly afterwards. This is... READ MORE

Fountain of Youth - Lake Forest, IL

I've had my second MonaLisa Touch procedure and have never felt better. I was experiencing painful intercourse including taring. I was also experiencing incontinence. My boyfriend just asked if I was lying about my age. I haven't shared with him that I've had the procedure. I'm more aroused... READ MORE

Early 60s 3 Kids Post Menopausal

I'm in my early 60s and was suffering from vaginal atrophy/dryness and was having to get up during the night to use the bathroom more often. I even developed a yeast infection for the very first time in my life due to the high ph that comes along with vaginal dryness. I no longer have any... READ MORE

Didn't Think It Was Possible

After having radiation for rectal cancer and a hysterectomy, sex wasn't as comfortable as it had been in younger years. However, after breast cancer and related treatments, it was impossible. Of course, I couldn't use any estrogen related creams or anything of that nature. The lining was so thin... READ MORE

MonaLisa Changed Everything for the Best!

Due to extreme pain, without any relief, a friend told me about this procedure. This first treatment was a little uncomfortable, the second was much better and I will have the last treatment soon. After the first treatment there was such a significant improvement and currently I feel like I did... READ MORE

Amazing - I'm So Glad I Did This.

I had ovarian cancer June-December 2014, which meant a total hysterectomy and then absolutely NO estrogen replacement to combat the instantaneous menopause (cancer was estrogen fed so I can't have any, in any form - pills, cream, whatever). Painful intercourse became the norm for me at the age... READ MORE

Yes Mona Lisa is Smiling!!!

After a long time of not enjoying intimacy with my husband because of the pain it caused,and trying my hardest to avoid it ,Dr Lee opened my eyes to a fantastic solution to my problem. The Mona Lisa Touch Laser procedure has changed so much in my relationship with my husband and has helped me so... READ MORE

MonaLisa -- Wow! -Lake Forest, IL

All I can say is.... WOW! My sex life is AMAZING!! I got married (second marriage) at age 50 nearly one year ago. As a young at heart but, nevertheless, early-menopausal woman I was experiencing vaginal dryness, and soreness from "tearing" or "irritated" skin around my vaginal opening. I... READ MORE

Second Lease on Life - Beverly Hills, CA

It has been 34yrs and Dr. Wyatt is still the one. I am a cancer survivor, and going thru menopause which causes excess dryness. There aren't really any products that I can safely use, so Dr. Wyatt suggested the MonaLisa Touch. WOW! am I glad that he is still my doctor(dropping the mike). There... READ MORE

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