Sun Exposure + Mole Removal

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Can You Have Your Mole Removed Via Laser During the Summer?

I was wondering if having my facial moles removed during the summer would affect it's healing process? Would it not heal as well because of the hot... READ MORE

I Have Sun Induced Flat Moles All over my Legs. Can They Be Removed?

I have sun induced moles on my legs. My dermatologist is not intrested in my cosmetic concerns at all. I hate my legs and refuse to where dresses or... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About Scarring or Darkening of Mole Area? (photo)

I had a bandage on two moles for a week and removed the bandage for about 2-3 days of sun exposure. I read that I need to protect them from the sun... READ MORE

Sunbathing 2 weeks after mole removal - is it safe ?

I have a few abnormal moles on my back that will be removed in a few weeks. My family had plans to go down south for a week, departure now falls 1... READ MORE

Any suggestions for facial Mole Removal Assessment? (photos)

I've had this mole on my face as a child, however, it started flat and has since expanded (diameter/height). I've started exploring options for... READ MORE

Does this look like melanoma? (Photo)

I am a 32 year old woman with fair skin and blonde hair and I have a history of sun exposure from an early age. I always lay out in the summer but try... READ MORE

I would like to remove a large mole on the side of my nose? (Photo)

I have this mole since early childhood. I am thinking of removing it now, because of cosmetic reasons and also for fear of turning malignant. My face... READ MORE

Does this look normal? (Photo)

I have this spot on my leg it started out small and has grown a lot. It doesn't look like my other moles/freckles. I am have very fair skin and burn... READ MORE

Is laser mole removal the best option for face moles?

I had a birthmark mole removed on my arm last summer and it was a pretty deep mole as it was the size of a penny. I got a keloid scar from it which I... READ MORE

After receiving a normal mole biopsy 1 month ago, is this normal?

I had several moles removed from my back 1 month ago after experiencing pain under 1 of them. The pain started after being out in the sun. It was 3... READ MORE

Weird looking mole? (Photos)

Hi, I've had this mole for a few years now but the last year it's gotten crusty and just plain weird looking. I've also measured it and it is just... READ MORE

Does this appear to be a mole or could it possibly be something else? (Photo)

After a day in the sun this spot appeared on my lip. I can't get in to a dermatologist for months so I am wondering if it may possibly go away or... READ MORE

Should I get this mole checked out? (Photos)

I hurt one of my moles a few days ago, and the pain has not gone down. After looking at it countless times, it looks very much more different than the... READ MORE

Raised mole removed 3 months ago and now noticing a dark spot. Sun exposure recently for less then a week.

I had 2 moles removed 3 months ago. They both were through an incision with a scar rather then it being "shaved off". I was recently exposed to the... READ MORE

How long should redness last after having mole shaved off face? Should I keep it away from sun? (Photo)

A little under a month ago I had a mole on my chin shaved off. I do have fair skin and my skin tends to take a bit longer to heal. The area is red and... READ MORE

I had a mole shaved off my cheek yesterday. How soon can I use sunscreen over it?

My dermatologist said to keep it moist with vaseline, and to avoid sun exposure - but I need to go outside and am wondering if it's too soon to put... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove my flat mole on the shoulder with minimal scarring? (photos)

I really want to get this mole removed as I've hated it and I never wear tank tops outside or something like that so as not to show it as people make... READ MORE

Duration between the process of healing mole excision? (photos)

Hi, i just had a mole excision two days ago on the right side of my right thigh, I am wondering how long will it take to fully heal or ready for me to... READ MORE

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