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I Had Mohs Surgery on my Scalp Which Left Me with a Bald Spot. Is This Common?

I may have another small bcc on my scalp (seeing a doc hopefully soon)....I would rather not have mohs again if baldness is the result. Is freezing or... READ MORE

Will my Hair Grow Back After my Scalp Scabs Fall Off?

After having Mohs surgery on my scalp for basal cell skin cancer, I had a flap done in one area. I have several scabs on my head and when they come... READ MORE

Wound Not Healing After MOHS Surgery on Top of Head

One month now and the wound (quarter size) to remove a squamous cell from the top of my husbands head will not stop oozing and is healing very very... READ MORE

My Scalp is Still Numb 4 Weeks After Mohs Surgery is This Normal?

I had Mohs surgery 4 weeks ago and flap closure. My scalp is still very numb and I have scabs on my scars. how long will it take for things to improve READ MORE

Will my Hair Grow Back After Getting Scalp Cysts Surgically Removed? (photo)

I got 2 cysts surgically removed on the same day 2 months and 20 days ago. The cysts were removed surgically and I had stitches for 2 weeks. Some of... READ MORE

Slow Healing After Scalp Mohs Surgery

I had Mohs surgery over a year ago to remove basel cell from my scalp. Although the wound seems to start healing, inevitably it breaks open and we... READ MORE

Mohs Procedure on Scalp for Squamous?

I had the Mohs procedure done on the top of my head for scquamous cell about a week ago, I am still very light headed & feel like when I walk or... READ MORE

How deep does Moh's surgery go in removing Basal Cell Carcinoma on scalp?

How deep do they go? Mine is on my scalp. How IF my BCC goes into the bone, will they remove that? Then fuse the bone back? My BCC has been... READ MORE

Basal Cell Carcinoma of Frontal Scalp. Pending Moh's Surgery. Had It 2x Before. Is This the Best Option?

Path. Report states: "islands of basaloid epithelium, characteriszed by peripheral palisading and single cell necrosis. .. Associated mucinous stromal... READ MORE

Should I let the scab remain on part of my scalp from basal cell removal surgery?

I am confused, I was told to keep the scabs from forming after Mohls surgery on my scalp. Now the doctor told me to let the part of the wound that is... READ MORE

Wait 8 Months for MOHS Surgery?

I have been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my scalp, the spot is about 2 by 2 cm in size, it has been their for four years, I thought at first... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on my Scalp?

It has been three weeks since my surgery. can I leave the bandage off and just put Vaseline on the wound READ MORE

Scalp, Infilitrating BCC - Should I See my Doctor Again?

I had a VERY large infiltrating BCC removed from my scalp (Mohs/secondary intention) 1 year ago. While the wound is not open, every 4-6 weeks, very... READ MORE

Mohs Correction on Scalp With Scalp Extender Treatment?

Female, late 40's who had mohs on scalp 1 year ago. stitches were too tight & subsequently opened leaving a nickel sized circular scar.... READ MORE

What can I use to remove polysporin from my hair without affecting the incision?

I had basal cell carcinoma removed from my scalp. Had 22 staples removed yesterday and the nurse put a lot of polysporin. What can I use to remove the... READ MORE

Is it normal after MOHs surgery on the scalp for the covered wound to smell badly after two weeks and be red inside the wound?

It remained covered each day after applying aquiphor. The doctor had a glowing resume. I do not know how to put a picture in. READ MORE

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