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What Can Be Done for Mohs Surgery Lumps?

Nine months ago, I had Mohs surgery on my cheek (near my nose) for a very small Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). I developed two lumps from the surgery:... READ MORE

I had MOHS laser to remove extensive basal cell carcinoma on my nose, and then a "flap" surgery to cover the damage? (photo)

Had MOHS laser on nose; flap surgery to repair; have big scars and large lump where flap attached; nose is pulled to one side; left nostril much... READ MORE

Puckered scar/scar tissue formation after BCC removal. Can I have a revision? (Photo)

I had a BCC removed from the side of my nose about a month ago by a plastic surgeon via my local public hospital. Unfortunately, there is a lump that... READ MORE

Is the lump permanent? Am I cooking an infection? (Photo)

In my twelfth day of recovery following Mohs surgery on my left temple. Cuts were examined 3 times before a clear slide. I have a 3/4" highx11/4" lump... READ MORE

Why has a lump formed in my nostril under skin graft on my nose?

Had MOHs surgery and a skin graft to repair 3 days ago. Lump in nostril today. Not sore or red. READ MORE

A lump that has formed on the left side of my mothers nose after cancer removal and reconstructive surgery- what can be done?

In Fall of 2013, my mother had cancer removed from the front of her nose. The next day, she had plastic surgery to repair the lost skin. About a week... READ MORE

Lump above incision postoperative day 1 Mohs? (Photos)

I had Mohs surgery two days ago to remove a small nodular BCC. I think I overheard the surgeon say the final defect was 7 mm x 5 mm. It took one stage... READ MORE

I had 8 stages of Surgery for basal cell carcinoma on my scalp almost a year ago. Any suggestions?

I had 8 stages of basal cell carcinoma surgery on scalp at MOHS Worcester hospital like 200 Staples & suturing ; told me were removed. mnths ago a... READ MORE

I have been diagnosed with melanoma and basal cell carcinoma. I have a rash on my foot. Any suggestions? (photo)

I went to my doctor and it was only one small lump on the side of the right big toe My doctor said it was a wart Now it has spread tremendously. I... READ MORE

Lump after Mohs surgery, will it flatten? (Photo)

My concern is the lump on my nose above the skin flap. Is it still going to flatten? I know it's too early to tell but I want to know what I can do or... READ MORE

No sign of basel cell cancer after biopsy. Would the pathology repot be able to tell how deep it is?

I have had a large reddish limp with blood vessels showing around it for over 3 yrs. Had some type of biopsy done. A lot of pus came out and the... READ MORE

My BCC was not removed with Mohs. Is it possible that it could be the cause of a nearby lump in my neck?

A BCC below my ear was removed by my dermatologist about 10 years ago. He went back and excised a larger area, but Mohs was not suggested or done. I... READ MORE

I had MOHS on my left knuckle about 10 months ago and now I have a lump. Could this be osteoarthritis?

I type for a living and have noticed in the last few months that there is a hard lump on one side of the knuckle that is painful all the time. There's... READ MORE

Residual swelling after Mohs surgery (cheek near nose). Any suggestions? (photos)

After 5-1/2 months, I still have a noticeable swelling (puffy soft lump) at the low end of my scar (cheek near nose.) I massage 5 times a day, as told... READ MORE

I had the MOHS procedure at Hershey Medical Center 9 weeks ago. How long should I expect healing to take?

Details: dry flaky skin and redness with soreness and lumps under the skin. The surgery was about 2 inches long. READ MORE

Have a red lump/bump on arm which is reddish and yellow/white and I am wondering what it is (Photo)

The bump is small and has been there for about 2 weeks, last week it was not as pronounced and was lower but now it is higher up but doesnt seem to be... READ MORE

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