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Can I use liquid bandage over stitches on my face after Mohs Surgery? (photo)

I had Mohs Surgery 2 days ago on my upper lip area. I received stitches & I was told to keep the area moist with Vaseline & covered to prevent... READ MORE

I'm an Elementary School Teacher and Was Wondering What the Bandaging Will Look Like After Mohs Surgery?

I'm an elementary teacher and was wondering what the bandaging will look like after Mohs surgery for my SCC of my upper lip and how long should it be... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on my Scalp?

It has been three weeks since my surgery. can I leave the bandage off and just put Vaseline on the wound READ MORE

How soon can I do these things after Mohs on nose?

How long do you keep bandage on after stitches are out? How soon can you wear makeup? How soon can you use sun screen? READ MORE

Did my doctor do the right procedure?

I had a basal cell carcinoma on the tip of my nose. the path report said it was intersected at the deep margin. when i went to have it removed he... READ MORE

Would you advise keeping my nose bandaged, open to air or a combination of the two? (Photo)

My MOHs surgery was 6 weeks ago, and I am letting it heal on its own. I have been keeping it covered at night, when I go out (or part of the day) and... READ MORE

Need help with the rite band-aid (Photo)

My husband had mohs surgery on the 20th of August 2015 for BBC which required a skin flap to cover the whole. Returned to the surgeon yesturday. He... READ MORE

Cancer removed from my nose, and a skin graft. Is this normal?

I had Basinal cancer removerd from my nose, and a skin graft taken in front of my ears to fill the area where they removed the cancer this procedure... READ MORE

How long should it take for an open wound on lower leg to heal?

I had a curettage and cauterization for the removal of a squamous cell cancer on my lower left leg three months ago. There is a portion that has not... READ MORE

Had MOHS on tip of nose 8/19/16 and I'm already concerned if it's healing ok. (photo)

Still a tiny amount of blood on bandages but it's not alot and it's not bright red. The nose is reddish purple. It's doesn't hurt any more but I'm... READ MORE

Lump above incision postoperative day 1 Mohs? (Photos)

I had Mohs surgery two days ago to remove a small nodular BCC. I think I overheard the surgeon say the final defect was 7 mm x 5 mm. It took one stage... READ MORE

Should stitches from a skin graft on my nose be removed?

I recently had MOHs surgery on my nose that was closed with a skin graft. After a week the bandage was removed along with the stitches from the donor... READ MORE

Is it normal my wound is burning 1 week after Mohs surgery?

Mohs Surgery a week ago. Have kept wound moist with Antibiotic cream and gauze bandage. Decided not to have stitches. Today the site is burning. Is... READ MORE

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