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I Am Told to Wait 8 Weeks After Biopsy for Squamous Removal from my Lower Leg. Is This Really Wise?

I learned today it is squamous cell on my lower leg close to my shin and to wait until the first wound heals 7-8 weeks before surgery to cut out the... READ MORE

Question about internal sutures after MOHS surgery? (photo)

It has been about two months and my surgery site was looking great. I noticed what looked like a scab that didn't go away. Then it started protruding... READ MORE

Spot in Skin Graft 11 Weeks After Mohs Surgery, What Is This?

My graft to me has been healing well, today however there is a sl spot in the graft,it looks like a blood type spot READ MORE

What can help ease the pain from the tightness after MOHS on the head?

I had MOHS on my forehead 9 weeks ago to remove a basal cell carcinoma. Then, I had the area surgically closed, which involved opening it bigger first... READ MORE

Dserra1 Asking Again About the Slow Healing Process After MOHS?

It is now going on month two and the wound is still seeping pus .. are we suppose to allow it to crust ?? Should I be removing this when we wash his... READ MORE

Should a nose flap after Mohs surgery look fairly normal after 7 weeks? (Photo)

I had a basal cell taken from the right tip of my nose and the dermatological surgeon who performed it did a local flap taken from the nose itself.... READ MORE

Massage after mohs surgery.

My mohs surgery on upper lip was 2 months ago. How many times a day should I massage and for how long a time 1 min, 2 min etc. READ MORE

It's been 8 weeks since skin graft on nose after mohs surgery and there's fluid. Is this normal?

8 weeks ago I had a skin graft on nose after mohs surgery. It is still swelling up a little. When you press on the graft it will turn white. Still... READ MORE

How long is recovery from MOHs surgery ?

I am a month and a half recovering from mohs surgery near my ankle. My foot is still swollen and there is a bit of leakage. Is this common with MOHs? READ MORE

What can be causing a relatively large bump next to the repair of a Mohs' defect and what should I be doing about it?

Two months post surgery, the repair of the Moh's defect itself is looking good. But adjacent to where the Mohs' defect was there is a relatively large... READ MORE

Two months after surgery and nostrils are a VERY different height. Will this correct all the way back? (photos)

My doctor keeps telling me that the nostril will come down after bilobed flap procedure. I have taken photos from week two and see VERY little change... READ MORE

I had Moh's 9 weeks ago on my cheek. The entire area is still puffy, raised, and slightly red. It is also hard and lumpy (Photo)

I massage it at night and I hear a crunchy noise, which makes me think the internal sutures haven't dissolved....How long until the puffiness goes... READ MORE

How long will my face feel stinging and feel like hot matches are touching me? (photo)

My mohs surgery was Aug 7, 2014 on my cheek and goes down into my neck which is where most of my pain is. It is still very sensitive to touch and... READ MORE

How long does it take for massaging to take affect?

I had a basal cell removed close to the tear duct. It has been 8 weeks and the eye does not close all the way. The doctor told me to hold the eyebrow... READ MORE

I had the MOHS procedure at Hershey Medical Center 9 weeks ago. How long should I expect healing to take?

Details: dry flaky skin and redness with soreness and lumps under the skin. The surgery was about 2 inches long. READ MORE

Is it normal to still have significant swelling inside my nose over 2 months after surgery?

I had MOHs for the 2nd time in 2 years on the exact same region ( left side of nose). In both surgeries the doctor went in 3 times to get all the BCC.... READ MORE

Can you have skin graft failure 12 weeks post-op? (photos)

This is my skin graft (LLE) after 12 weeks post-op. It seemed to be healing fine but recently I began getting a bunch of these "splits" in it. How... READ MORE

What to do about loads of spider veins after Mohs?

I am seven weeks post mohs surgery on nose tip and have loads of spider veins on the side of my nose where the cancer was removed. Will they go on... READ MORE

Could an infection of skin graft after 8 week compromise the whole graft? (Photo)

I had skin graft surgery on the leg ,after 8 weeks the dr found an infection , going now under antibiotics,I am sending you some recovery pictures READ MORE

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