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A mastectomy is surgery to remove the entire breast. The most common reason for a mastectomy is to treat or prevent breast cancer. Depending on the individual treatment required, it may involve removal of the nipple or lymph nodes. Some patients choose breast reconstruction to restore the shape of their breasts during the initial mastectomy surgery or as a second operation later. A mastectomy may also be called "top surgery" as part of FTM chest masculinization surgery.

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Much Needed Relief - Golden Valley, MN

I'm a twenty-year-old agender-identifying student whose decision was actually pretty abrupt, to be honest. My gender identity only partly had to do with it; it mainly was due to extreme insecurity and the feeling that my breasts were too, I suppose, "mature" for someone like myself. Something I... READ MORE

Bilateral Mastectomy with Expanders. Daytona Beach, FL

Im a wife/ mother of 2. Just had my surgery a week ago today. I had a double mastectomy with expanders put in (200cc) i have 2 drainage tubes that are still in but have a feeling tomorrow they will be taken out since there is not much draining out anymore. They don't bother me as much as my... READ MORE

Bilateral Mastectomy - Vancouver, WA

Throughout my ordeal of having breast cancer and deciding the best procedure for me, Dr. Gabriel was very helpful and explained all my options. His professionalism and compassion made the process of having a bilateral mastectomy much more tolerable. He made me fill like I was part of the team... READ MORE

Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction - Vancouver, WA

Dr. Gabriel is my Plastic Surgeon who assisted with my Oncology Surgeon Dr. Storm-Dickerson during my double mastectomy. Dr. Gabriel began working on me as soon as Dr. Storm-Dickerson was done with her part of my surgery which is so nice not to have to wait so my total surgery time was 4 1/2... READ MORE

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Dr.Blanchet was my choice for my nipple sparing mastectomy because I had seen her work and was very impressed with the outcomes on the website.I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional in her discussions with me while also feeling like we are in this together.She is a meticulous... READ MORE

Breast Cancer - Morristown, NJ

I was recommended to dr. Comizio by several acquaintances after being diagnosed with breast cancer requiring a double mastectomy. Her warming and comforting personality made the difficult diagnosis easier to get through. Her extremely caring and efficient staff made every phone call and visit... READ MORE

Left Breast Mastectomy and Tummy Tuck - Chicago, IL

I had breast cancer of the left breast had a Masterctomy done along with a tummy tuck to replace the breast that was lost.My downtime was very minimal along with the pain.Dr Rosett and is team did an excellent job looking forward to continuing in the near future with him for my reconstruction... READ MORE

Thank You Dr. Sam Cabbabe - Saint Louis, MO

Dr. Cabbabe is always so very patient and kind. He takes time to talk with me and explains what he is doing. I had one day after my procedure that I panicked, I called his office and he said to stop by and he would see me. Luckily, it wasn't anything to worry about. He told me he was glad I... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Breast Cancer Survivor, Wife, and Mother of Two - Scottsdale, AZ

I'm extremely happy with my results. Dr. Andres and his staff have exceeded my expectations. They were always there for me when I had concerns about the procedure. There wasn't a question left unanswered. Dr. Andres made me feel comfortable. His compassion helped me know that I was with the best... READ MORE

nerve pain after double mastectomy - Saginaw, MI

I'm having a lot of nerve pain I'm in stage two getting my expanders done today I had 120cc put in which brought it to 540cc both breast since earlier I been having servere nerve pain The double mastectomy was so painful it took about 5hours so painful it took about 30 mins to get my pain controlled READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon For Mastectomy - Birmingham, AL

Dr. Cohn worked along with my general surgeon for my double mastectomy and the beginning of reconstruction with expanders in July 2015. He completed my reconstruction with implants on January 12, 2016. His work is amazing. You can not even tell that I had a mastectomy. My breast now look... READ MORE

Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy - Beverly Hills, CA

I found out 6 months ago that I was BRCA 2 mutation carrier. A happily married woman at the young age of 30 with 2 children, this news struck me pretty hard. A quite petite body and a natural 32DD, I was sad knowing I would never have full feeling in my breasts again. I was sad when I thought... READ MORE

Preventative Double Mastectomy Without Expanders. Barrington, IL

I choose to have a "Preventative Double Mastectomy" surgery due to my family history of breast cancer; I was fortunate to have the opportunity to make the choice to have this preventative surgery. The surgery was a success; I am thankful & appreciative to have worked with the amazing doctors... READ MORE

Bilateral Mastectomy Instead of Breast Reduction - Australia

I'm a 48 yr old Woman I had a Renal Transplant 19yr's ago. I developed Breast Hypertrophy From large doses of Cyclosporin A and Steriods and have suffered from really large breasts since (I'm an H cup). This has caused physical and emotional distress. Iv'e seen 8 Plastic Surgeons... READ MORE

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