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Do Lipomas Always Continue to Grow?

I'm 25 years old and just got diagnosed with multiple lipomas in my mid to lower back. They are generally small right now, and only cause a little... READ MORE

Should I risk removing the lipoma or let it alone?

I had a lipoma removed from my back when I was a child, roughly one inch wide. It unfortunately grew back, but to double its size. When I had my gal... READ MORE

A lipoma that was removed grew back in the same spot. Why did it grow back? What can I do? How can I stop it from growing back?

The lipoma was removed 10 yrs ago and a few later it began to grow back. It is the same size as before. It is about the size of golf ball or larger... READ MORE

When you remove a lipomas does it come back?

I believe I have a lipomas on my face and under my arm pit. I was thinking of getting them removed (if in fact it is a lipomas). But then I was... READ MORE

Lipomas keep coming back after removal surgery. Any suggestions?

I have had 3 lipoma removal surgeries within the past 2-3 years, in exactly the same location. The first two were 6 inches long and the third was 4. I... READ MORE

How quick does lipoma grow back?

I had a blueberry sized lipoma removed from the back of my head in the summer and it's now winter (so less than a year) I had to get another one... READ MORE

Should I see another surgeon or should I live with the growth? It's starting to affect my daily life again.

I have had lipoma regrowth on my left outer thigh twice now. The borders weren't clearly defined so the surgeon did tell me that it would be difficult... READ MORE

Can a lipoma (that was caused by a concussion) grow back after removing it?

I have a small lipoma on my forehead that isn't really noticeable to anyone, but has always bothered me. It is above my right brow and always made me... READ MORE

I had a lump under my right armpit which turned out to be fat. I had it removed but it grew back. Any suggestions?

I had a lump under my right armpit which turned out to be fat. I had it removed about three years ago but now it's grown back. Is this normal? READ MORE

Can lipomas grow back in three months and be bigger than the last one?

I had a lipoma the size of a softball removed from my right thigh last July. Three months later it popped back up and was bigger than before. I just... READ MORE

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