6 Weeks Post-op + LASIK

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LASIK Undercorrected Dominant Eye and Overcorrected the Other?

42 years old, had LASIK 6 weeks ago for myopia. Non-dominant eye was slightly overcorrected, about ~+0.25, the dominant eye is slightly... READ MORE

Will my dry eyes at least get better or completely go away after lasik? I am six weeks post op.

I am using drops like refresh liquigel or celluvisc every 20 min. I use restatsis two times a day and use ointment at night. Also, I have my top... READ MORE

Blurry vision related to weather?

My eyes were both great right after my Lasik (about 6 weeks ago), then we had a spell of extremely cold and dry weather. Both eyes got very sore and I... READ MORE

Side Effects of Lasik?

Had LASIK 1.5mths ago and suffer from doble vision in right eye at night. Gets worse in low light . This problem under normal lighting is also very... READ MORE

Is fluctuating vision 5 weeks after LASIK, normal?

I had interlace LASIK surgery 5 months ago. My vision still fluctuates in both eyes. Some days I have perfect vision and then about every 3rd day my... READ MORE

It's been 6 weeks post LASIK and I am still waiting for clear vision . It is very blurry and dr is assuring me all is ok.

My dr keeps telling me everything is fine but I am very frustrated as the vision is pretty blurry . I am 39 years old and my pre LASIK power was -5.00 READ MORE

Is it normal to have chemosis after LASIK surgery? (Photo)

Hello, I had lasik for hypermetropia 6 weeks ago. About 3 weeks ago, for the first time, I noticed that the outer white part of one of my eyes is... READ MORE

Can Lasik be touched up so that I can see mid distance again?

I had lasik surgery about 6 weeks ago and my eyes are about 20/20 (+.5 in my left and +.25 in my right) for distance but my mid-distance is not what I... READ MORE

I had lasik surgery 6 weeks ago, I have developed a rough spot on one eye, which causes a film like feeling and extreme blur.

Will a rough spot on the eye 6 weeks post lasik resolve itself after use of antibiotics and steroids. It is quite bothersome and annoying. Everything... READ MORE

Can Blurry Vision in Lasik Operated Eyes Be a Permanant Symptom?

I had my lasik operation done in both eyes by femto lasik method 6 weeks ago... now i have clear 20/20 vision in the left eye....but with the right... READ MORE

Blurry night vision 6 weeks post-op See a lot of glare and starbursts around lights in night.

My day vision is perfect. In dim light with too many bright objects it gets kind of cloudy. I see a lot of halos and starbursts too. Over time the... READ MORE

Am I safe to use DesOwen cream for my rashes over the face?

Hello, I have done lasik eye surgery for the eye correction and it has been 1 month 15 days. Could you please advise, am I safe to use desowen cream... READ MORE

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