4 Months Post-op + LASIK

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4 months after LASIK and vision is at -1.00 and still see star bursting. What's the likelihood that I'll require an enhancement?

The doctor conducted a cornea topography and stated that there is no reason why I shouldn't see perfectly with the shape of current cornea. (This is... READ MORE

Blurry vision 4 months after LASIK normal?

I had blade less LASIK 4 months ago and one of my eyes is still blurry, especially at night. During the day I see glows, and ghosting, and at night... READ MORE

Chemosis that is not going away.

I had lasik 4 months ago. A month after the surgery, I developed a chemosis on both eyes. I can close my eyes without problem. It's still here after 3... READ MORE

Lasik dry eyes or an under-correction? Are my symptoms really due to dry eyes or is their another explanation?

I got wave-front Lasik eye surgery 4 months ago. The day after I had 20/20 vision but lots of halos. In 1 week I had 20/30 and after a month 20/80 (-2... READ MORE

I'm 4 months after lasik and still have a -1.0 in both eyes. Original was -5.75. Still see star bursting.

No improvements in last 2 months :(. Very panicked. The doctor has asked me to continue using artificial tears and wait for another 2 months. READ MORE

Why am I blurry in one eye 3.5 months after Lasik? My dominant eye is my right, and that's the one that is blurrier.

I had Wavefront Guided iDesign treatment: Doctors Final Refraction before: (OD) PLANO -2.00 x175 | (OD) -.50 -2.00 X 180 After Lasik: (OD) PLANO -.25... READ MORE

This morning, my left eye is as blurry as it was pre surgery without my contacts, what can I do?

I had lasik surgery around 4 months ago.  I had been seeing perfectly since the day after surgery. I have no idea what happened. No scratch or... READ MORE

4th month post LASIK. Zero improvement in glare, halos. Ghosting at night and floaters in the day are a havoc. Please advise

I got glasses made to see if any of my problems are due to a refractive Unfortunately using glasses has only made my vision marginally sharp but... READ MORE

LASIK Done Twice on One Eye & Third Time for Stromal Haze. Still a Number Persists of -3. Is It Normal? (photo)

I had my LASIK done twice for both my eyes ( -5.75 ). After a few months my left eye was blurry. I had a touchup LASIK 4 months ago. For a month the... READ MORE

One eye still fluctuating after LASIK, almost 4 months post-op. Normal?

Hmm so i was -6~7 on both eye w. astig.. I was overcorrect on left,its been almost 4 month post op and I'm experiencing fluctuating on my left eye.... READ MORE

I had initial Lasik surgery 4 months ago. Any suggestions?

Since the procedure my vision was blurred at dusk and in low light environments. After regular consultations with my surgeon he recommended a further... READ MORE

Epi-LASIK dry eyes and blurred vision due to not taking fish oil?

I had epi lasik almost 4 months ago. I kept up on my drops and vitamin C but not my fish oil. I went to my doctor due to blurred vision with... READ MORE

My right eye is still blurry 4 months after the second LASIK surgery?

I went through a lasik surgery for both my eyes 7 months ago. The left eye recovered very well, but the right eye was blurred greatly. So my eye... READ MORE

I got my LASIK done in Dec 2016 and I've had a headache since then.

My eyes do feel strenous sometimes..and it feels heavy to blink at times..i am applying genteal for dry eyes. But the area above my eyes (just below... READ MORE

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