4 Months Post-op + LASIK

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4 months after LASIK and vision is at -1.00 and still see star bursting. What's the likelihood that I'll require an enhancement?

The doctor conducted a cornea topography and stated that there is no reason why I shouldn't see perfectly with the shape of current cornea. (This is... READ MORE

Blurry vision 4 months after LASIK normal?

I had blade less LASIK 4 months ago and one of my eyes is still blurry, especially at night. During the day I see glows, and ghosting, and at night... READ MORE

Chemosis that is not going away.

I had lasik 4 months ago. A month after the surgery, I developed a chemosis on both eyes. I can close my eyes without problem. It's still here after 3... READ MORE

I'm 4 months after lasik and still have a -1.0 in both eyes. Original was -5.75. Still see star bursting.

No improvements in last 2 months :(. Very panicked. The doctor has asked me to continue using artificial tears and wait for another 2 months. READ MORE

Lasik dry eyes or an under-correction? Are my symptoms really due to dry eyes or is their another explanation?

I got wave-front Lasik eye surgery 4 months ago. The day after I had 20/20 vision but lots of halos. In 1 week I had 20/30 and after a month 20/80 (-2... READ MORE

Why am I blurry in one eye 3.5 months after Lasik? My dominant eye is my right, and that's the one that is blurrier.

I had Wavefront Guided iDesign treatment: Doctors Final Refraction before: (OD) PLANO -2.00 x175 | (OD) -.50 -2.00 X 180 After Lasik: (OD) PLANO -.25... READ MORE

4th month post LASIK. Zero improvement in glare, halos. Ghosting at night and floaters in the day are a havoc. Please advise

I got glasses made to see if any of my problems are due to a refractive Unfortunately using glasses has only made my vision marginally sharp but... READ MORE

LASIK Done Twice on One Eye & Third Time for Stromal Haze. Still a Number Persists of -3. Is It Normal? (photo)

I had my LASIK done twice for both my eyes ( -5.75 ). After a few months my left eye was blurry. I had a touchup LASIK 4 months ago. For a month the... READ MORE

One eye still fluctuating after LASIK, almost 4 months post-op. Normal?

Hmm so i was -6~7 on both eye w. astig.. I was overcorrect on left,its been almost 4 month post op and I'm experiencing fluctuating on my left eye.... READ MORE

I had initial Lasik surgery 4 months ago. Any suggestions?

Since the procedure my vision was blurred at dusk and in low light environments. After regular consultations with my surgeon he recommended a further... READ MORE

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