Hydroquinone + Laser Resurfacing

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How Effective is Spectra Laser in Treating Melasma. How Many Treatments Are Required? Are There Better Alternatives for Asians

I am considering Spectra laser since it is suppose to be safer for Asian skin. I have been using hydroquinone 4% with some results. I tried retin A,... READ MORE

Is red or dark skin normal during the healing process after laser skin resurfacing? When will the normal color return? (photo)

I had sciton halo laser skin resurfacing on my face 3.5 weeks ago. They used the erbium laser as spot treatment to remove dark raised bumps. I have... READ MORE

Dark Spot. What should I do? I want to get rid of this. (Photo)

I got this spot from chickenpox on hand and after scratching it became like this.I tried several topical cream like hydroquinone,kojic acid but it... READ MORE

What to use for redness? (Photo)

I had sciton profractional laser resurfacing 3 months ago. My face has healed but other parts remained red (temple and cheeks) Shows no signs of... READ MORE

Pigmentation loss due to laser resurfacing in darker skin. Will my skin turn back to its natural color?

I have gotten several Fractional Resurfacing Treatments (Matrix RF). After six weeks, I still have areas of my face that appear lighter than the rest... READ MORE

What laser skin resurfacing procedure is most effective/safe for removal of in dark skinned patients?

I am of east Indian heritage with brown skin- approx IV or V on the fitzpatrick scale. My face is a few shades darker than my torso due to years of... READ MORE

Resurfacing for Indian skin. I am 50 and would like to reduce the fine lines. What is the safest laser to do this?

I am Indian with a fair complexion but have a lot of melasma, which has dramatically cleared with the use of hydro quine pads and Spirolactone. READ MORE

Do I need hydroquinone, C, or A after laser resurfacing under eyes? And if well protected, at 3 wks can I resume outdoor walks?

I had laser resurfacing under eyes 12 days ago. I'm told to continue Acquaphor, and now starting 1% hydrocortisone under it. I'm reddish pink, healing... READ MORE

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