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When Can I Do Laser Hair Removal After Tanning?

I tanned a month ago and the dr told me to wait for 20 days is it enough? and i have a lot of light hair in the end of my back ,,the dr told me she is... READ MORE

Is 12 J of Fluency Enough to Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction?

Hi I have received my last laser treatment with a new laser the lightsheer HS, the top fluence level go up to 12joules, and I was wondering if it was... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Parameters. Is This Too Low? (photo)

I just got laser hair removal on bikini and legs. It only was mildly uncomfortable at times using the GentleMax Alex laser. I'm concerned as they had... READ MORE

When Using YAG, What Would Be the Right Fluence (Energy) in Terms of Joules Per Cm2?

Will This Fluence Differe According to the area that you want to treat? I paid for 7 sessions to treat my whole body. I have an olive skin tone (a... READ MORE

How Long Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Also, are there various settings on the laser removal lasers? I have a sneaking suspicion that the operator I have chose is using a lighter setting in... READ MORE

is 12 joules per squared centimer a high enough setting to trigger permanent hair removal on Candela Gentlelase Pro?

I'm getting laser hair removal at a clinic. I've had about 3 treatments but I've noticed that the nurse always keeps the setting at that level. I've... READ MORE

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?

I wanna use alexandrite laser on my legs.I would like to know how much energy should be use? I had 4 sessions on my chin. for the first, second, third... READ MORE

7-Jule LightSheer for Laser Hair Reduction?

I had a laser hair reduction treatment. I had my lower leg treated with LightSheer Duet and the nurse used only 7 Jules. I felt this clinic is... READ MORE

I had 3 settings in laser hair removal but still regrowth continue. Is this normal?

I had 3 settings in laser hair remove from my chin and upper lips but till now there is regrowth continue .. Why?? Is my hair is remove permanently... READ MORE

Is Lightsheer Duet always at lower settings compared to other lasers for hair reduction/removal

I was wondering if the Lightsheer Duet is automatically set to lower settings by default (either by technician or manufacturer), in comparison to... READ MORE

Appropriate settings for Alexandrite laser (Cyanosure Elite)? Worried about paradoxical hypertrichosis.

Two years ago I had 6 treatments with the Diode laser on my face and it seemed to stimulate hair growth on my neck and sideburns. Now trying laser... READ MORE

Bruising and burning after Brazilian Laser Hair Removal? (Photos)

My 1st time lasering - underarms went fine, but my Brazilian resulted in dark purple patches and streaks of what looks like bruising? She said she... READ MORE

Lightsheer Duet Laser for Hair Reduction/Removal - should you always set to a lower setting in comparison to other lasers?

Are the settings on the Lightsheer Duet Laser for Hair Reduction/Removal alway set to lower settings, in comparison to other lasers used for hair... READ MORE

Alma Soprano Laser, Settings Recommended?

I have had done laser hair removal with an IPL and it provided very good results. I am currently receiving Laser Hair Removal treatments using the... READ MORE

GentleMax by Candela Laser Optimum Strength?

I signed up for 6 treatments for the full leg/bikini area and just had my first one that did absolutely nothing for me. My skin/hair combo is perfect... READ MORE

I still have visible hair follicules after 5 Candela laser sessions on setting 20 (brazilian). What would you suggest?

Hair do not grow back though. What should i do to fix and why it happened?I was using different laser on underamrs and legs (due to cost switched... READ MORE

What is the Ideal Setting for Hair Removal with YAG on Type IV Skin? (photo)

Are the settings being used on me too low? (Fluence 14, spot 18mm, duration 10ms, 2Hz) I have naturally light caramel colored mediterranean skin, fall... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal (Mistakenly Used on the Highest Level) Caused Deep Lines in the Corner of my Lips?

Laser hair removal (mistakenly used on the highest level) caused deeeep lines in the corner of my lips, 3 on each side. My fault, I went to a cheap... READ MORE

Cynosure 755nm Alexandrite : Burnt on a setting of 12 for a hollywood hair removal: I've done my 6th session now

Laser tech had been using a very low setting on me but it was working like a charm. Problem was she was too quick in sesion. 5 mins or less for an... READ MORE

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