Exfoliation + Laser Hair Removal

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I have dead hair follicles stuck in my skin on my legs after laser hair removal. How can I remove them? (Photo)

How can I remove these dead hair follicles. I have tried many different exfoliation methods for years and nothing works. READ MORE

Will laser hair removal get rid purplish/red marks and ingrown hair in bikini line? (Photo)

I already had 1 treatment and it has been 2 weeks. I have seen hair falling out and less hair growth but I am more concerned with the discoloration... READ MORE

Can Waxing over Lazer Hair Removal Help Remove the Black, Clogged Hair Pores?

My lazer hair removal treatment has been completed for about a year now. I have had wonderful result and NO MORE HAIR. However, I have little dark... READ MORE

Hair growth after laser treatment (Nd:YAG) has stopped but hair hasn't fallen out. Any suggestions?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my legs almost 4 weeks ago. I do understand that it will take approx. 6 treatments for noticeable... READ MORE

Can I exfoliate when shaving before a Laser Hair Removal session?

Is it okay to exfoliate when shaving for the laser hair removal session? READ MORE

Dark mustache shadow still present after laser hair removal. Any suggestions? (photo)

Hello im a guy that has coarse mustache hair that is so dark it can be seen under the skin. Im white and the shadow of my mustache stands out like a... READ MORE

Can I scrub or exfoliate my skin after laser hair removal?

I had my fourth full body laser session two weeks ago, and I'm planning on going to a Turkish bath where they scrub and lather the skin with a very... READ MORE

Severe Ingrown hairs I can't get rid of?

I'm a 19 year old male that hasn't seemed to find the remedy to my ingrown hairs. This being a constant battle since my freshman year, has ultimately... READ MORE

36 year female shaved my face 17 years what do I expect after my 3 laser treatment? (Photos)

I've had 3 laser treatments, but after each treatment my hair grows back thicker for about 4 days. I have noticed that my shadow is not as visible... READ MORE

Burns from laser hair removal healed lighter than the rest of my skin?

I had laser hair removal done on my arms a month after I got a tan. I got burned, the burns healed, and now the spots where the burns were are much... READ MORE

Is laser hair removal the best way to correct my dark pores? (Photo)

I have black skin and very dark hairs ('strawberry legs'). I exfoliate almost everyday, which I can definitely say helps to in terms of making the... READ MORE

What are these white, slightly raised spots on laser area? (photos)

I noticed that I have developed these white spots on my pubic area after my 3rd treatment of laser hair removal(full bikini). On the 4th treatment, I... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal and weekly exfoliation help fix my unsightly underarms? (Photo)

I have tried to not shave since the last laser treatment I've had at the beginning of this month just to avoid any further skin irritation. It seems... READ MORE

Scrubbing before hair laser removal?

How long after skin scrubbing/exfoliation shall I wait before performing hair laser removal? Noting that some of the scrubbing products I use claim to... READ MORE

Are razor bumps after laser on beard common?

I received my second laser treatment on my beard area a week ago. Right after the treatment I noticed that my face looked like I had shaved with a... READ MORE

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