Alexandrite + Laser Hair Removal

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I had Laser hair removal on hairline and sideburns. Any suggestions on Yag lasers? (photos)

I just got laser hair removal on my hairline and sideburns. I am Mexican and so I have medium/brown skin. They used the alexandrite laser on me, Is... READ MORE

Which Machine is More Effective Between Alexandrite Laser and Emax Syneron for Hair Removal?

I'm a 34 year old man and my skin colour is type 4 . I've received 2 options for removing my back hairs which are dark and thick ;eMax Syneron offered... READ MORE

Is it possible to be allergic to laser treatments? (Photo)

I want to get laser hair removal on basically my entire body except my arms. They patchtested me on the Alexandrite laser and i got a rash that lasted... READ MORE

Which laser machine is best? I am tired of wasting money and getting nothing. (photos)

Hello Which machine would you recommend best for hair removal? The " Epilia RF (320W 808nm Diode Plus RF Hair Removal )" or the Gentle-Lase pro? Diode... READ MORE

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?

I wanna use alexandrite laser on my legs.I would like to know how much energy should be use? I had 4 sessions on my chin. for the first, second, third... READ MORE

after 2 years of laser hair removal, why do i still have hair?

I have been removing some hair from my chin , neck and cheeks, (few of them , not too much) , and i feel like everytime , a new hair is growing in... READ MORE

Switching from Lyra to Alexandrite?

31 y.o female (type 4), Indian origin, no medical conditions. At 1st session, first session, technician used Lyra (supposedly at type 6 settings) and... READ MORE

Can Hypopigmentation Be Caused By Mucous on Lips After Alexandrite Laser?

I had hair removal treatment with laser on the 3/3/12.It was used Alexandrite laser.It was used on the lip line and on the lips without really... READ MORE

Hair Removal (Alexandrite) Beehive Reaction? (photo)

Ive started hairremoval laser with cynosurge apogee laser the 1st session no reaction aftr i shaved i had beehive reaction and took systemic... READ MORE

Alexandrite laser hair removal on upper lip, chin and neck.

Hello I had my first laser treatment 4 days ago and today I have had to shave as the hairs have grown rapidly since then,keep reading about shedding... READ MORE

Is this reaction to laser hair removal normal? (Photo)

I had laser hair removal yesterday on my legs (the alexandrite laser) and it was a little bit red as I left but felt fine. Over the evening red bumps... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; diode, vpl or Alexandrite for hair reduction?

I have fair skin and i want the best result could you please recommend which one is better for me diode, vpl or Alexandrite for hair reduction and... READ MORE

Hi How can I make my arm hair come back after laser hair removal It's been 22 months since last treatment (photo)

Hi, I am 25 years old. I made a mistake in may 2012, and got a laser hair removal treatment with an Alexandrite laser on my forearms. (before that i... READ MORE

Are there certain facial areas that can't undergo laser hair removal as it might stimulate hair growth?

I'm currently undergoing laser hair removal (alexandrite). The person doing it refuses to remove the hair on my face lateral to my chin close to the... READ MORE

Appropriate settings for Alexandrite laser (Cyanosure Elite)? Worried about paradoxical hypertrichosis.

Two years ago I had 6 treatments with the Diode laser on my face and it seemed to stimulate hair growth on my neck and sideburns. Now trying laser... READ MORE

Hair Removal for Skin Type 3/4?

Hello i have visited the dermatologists and said i have skin type 3/4, and recommended me the candela gentle lase alexandrite laser hair removal on my... READ MORE

I had 1 treatment of alexandrite laser hair removal 3 yrs ago on forearms & hands. How can I get the hair to grow back? (Photo)

Hi I had an intense laser hair removal treatment 3 years ago with an alexandrite laser The settings were really high and I felt like my arms were on... READ MORE

Which is better, Soprano Ice or Alexandrite GentleLase Pro, for hair removal?

I am skin type 2. I've had successful hair removal with Alexandrite GentleLase Pro. I've heard Soprano Ice is painless and newer, however I can handle... READ MORE

What gives better results alexandrite or diode?

I would like to do laser hair removal on my hairline (scalp-nape hairs) back and front. I am very confused about my options of going with a good... READ MORE

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