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Only Half Blind Now - New York , NY

I have been wanting laser eye surgery for some time now, but life got in the way???? It did give me time to research what type of procedure I wanted. I did not know about the different type of vision correction there were, so I did a bunch of research. Ortho K was out, as I am too old for the... READ MORE

lasek journey

Julian Stevens is a highly reputable surgeon. Before going ahead with my laser eye surgery, I put my whole trust and faith in him especially after reading good reviews about him on various websites. I never thought that a day would come when I will be one of the few people to submit a bad... READ MORE

Awesome Experience! - New York City, NY

I had nothing but a positive experience here at Park Avenue and with Dr. Chynn. I had LASEK done, not LASIK, which is a totally different procedure; however this website wouldnt let me choose the former. I was 20/50 and am now 20/10 due to the procedure. My vision is crystal clear and i have... READ MORE

Now I Can Finally See - New York, NY

Let me start by saying I was so scared to even considered having lasik surgery.is it really worth it?could I be able? Would it hurt? These was all the things running through my head.my eye sight was -8 both eyes and on my right eye I had astigmatism.my glasses was so thick I didn't like going... READ MORE

20 Years of Wearing Glasses and Finally No More! - New York

I had my procedure recently at Dr. Chynn's office. Dr. Chynn is extremely sharp, very nice and is always ready to answer questions. The staff are professional and nice too. When I visited for the consultation, I was introduced to a "buddy patient" via email (after her consent of course) so that... READ MORE

Recommended. New York, NY

From my experience as a patient at Park Avenue Laser Vision. Dr. Chynn is fixing extreme cases that no other surgeon in the U.S. let alone NYC can touch. Dr. Chynn can do this because of the no-flap LASEK technique he invented at Harvard I flew in all the way from Albania because no surgeon... READ MORE

Dr. Chynn and the Staff at Park Avenue LASEK Laser Center Are Very Professional and Amazing - New York, NY

I had an excellent experience at Dr. Chynn's Laser Vision Center in NYC. Dr. Chynn is fixing extreme cases that no other surgeon in the U.S. let alone NYC can touch. Dr. Chynn can do this because of the no-flap LASEK technique he invented at Harvard. I flew in all the way from Bulgaria because... READ MORE

High-Def LASEK Review - New york, NY

I've wanted to get rid of my glasses for years but was repeatedly told I couldn't do laser vision correction because of my extreme prescription(-11.00). I was devastated cos I hate hate hate my glasses. After doing a huge amount of research I eventually found Dr Chynn. I went in for my free... READ MORE

Dr. Chynn Will Transform Your Life with LASEK! - New York

I am in college and am about three weeks post-op. Having worn glasses/contacts since elementary school, it is absolutely wonderful to be able to see clearly without them. And knowing that my vision is improving by each passing day, Dr. Chynn told me that I will be seeing 20/20 by the end of the... READ MORE

Well Worth the Results - Flat Iron District, NYC

I waited a bit over three and a half months to post with a final verdict and I can easily say I am really glad to have chosen to have my eyes corrected here(after all, how many times will I be able to say that in the future! lol). After 1 week, I went from seeing 20/80(had only 1 eye corrected)... READ MORE

Park Avenue Lasek - So Amazing!! -New York, NY

I actually contacted Park Avenue Lasek by accident for a different eye procedure and I'm so glad I came across them! I ended up getting the procedure done elsewhere since Dr. Chynn was out of town, but then decided to move forward with getting laser eye surgery done here.   Surgery... READ MORE

Would Recommend! - New York, NY

Free of contacts, glasses and the eye infections associated with it. When I had made the decision to fix my vision, friends had referred me to both LASIK and LASEK surgery. My first consultation was with a well known LASIK surgeon. The consultation went well and I had even put a deposit down... READ MORE

Great Place for LASEK - New York

Less complication   READ MORE

I Went to the Seminar and Had Blast. Really Great Experience , Learned a Lot About the Newer LASEK That I Haven’t Heard of

I haven't done it yet, but had a great experience at the office and look forward to doing it next month READ MORE

9 Months After LASEK - No Complaints - New York, NY

Hello, I got LASEK surgery done on April 1st, 2010. My original prescription was right eye: -7.00, left -6.50, no astigmatism on any eye. I'm 27. I have had glasses since I was 11 and had been wearing soft contact lens since I was 16 for the last 10 years. Prior to my surgery,... READ MORE

My LASEK Experience - Excellent !! - New York City, NY

My LASEK experience was excellent, I got the surgery done in July 2009. I did extensive research on all the different eye surgery's that are offered(ex. PRK, LASEK, LASIK). I talked to some of my friends that got the LASIK surgery done there exact words were " it was the best thing i... READ MORE

Lasek Improved my Vision - Enhanced my Life

I have wanted to have my eyes corrected for many years but have been afraid of the risks and the possible pain. The staff educated me on the differences between PRK, Lasek and Lasik. Prior to the procedure, I had a full exam, I was not a suitable candidate for Lasik but I was for Lasek. The... READ MORE

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