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Invisalign Allergic Reactions

Does Unvisalign Contain Anything That Would Cause an Allergic Reaction? I have asthma and I am very allergic. I understand that visalign was sent a... READ MORE

Irritation to Tongue, Gums and Under Lips: Could I Be Allergic to the Trays?

The first 2 weeks of my treatment were great. This last week, however, has been horrible. It feels like I burned the entire inside of my mouth. My... READ MORE

I Wear Invisalign and I Have Nausea Almost Every Day and a Weird Feeling in my Face- Causes? (photo)

It's hard to describe the feeling, it is like a mix of pain and pressure right under my eyes and in my cheeks. I definitely have not felt the same... READ MORE

Is There Another Form of Retainer / Invisalign Other Than Plastic?

I had invisalign for 15 months. Once thought I had thrush but it was negative. My tongue is swollen with white film. I have gargled with baking... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Dry Lips and Have Lost Some Sense of Taste AFter Beginning Invisalign Treatment?

My teeth are fairly straight I just wanted to make them perfect. I got my invisilign last Saturday 2/3/12. As soon as I left the office , havign both... READ MORE

I Find It Difficult to Breathe with Invisalign and May Be Allergic

I've had the invisalign for 2 weeks and begin feeling the symptoms after a day and a half. Can I Get a Refund? READ MORE

What Are Ortho Wire's Made Of? Tried One on Top and Got Galvanic Shock, Alergic to Nickel

3 year post invisalign patient, need 2 new crowns, so will have to get new invisalign trays. After treatment tried a gold wire for top could not use... READ MORE

Wearing Invisalign for 9 days before irritation on inside of bottom lip. Woke up with swollen upper lip. Allergic reaction?

Significantly swollen to where I was talking funny. I gargled in some Benadryl the swelling went down to where you can't notice by looking at me but I... READ MORE

Chronic sinus infections and weird symptoms, possible allergic reaction to materials in Invisalign?

About 8 months into treatment I had a new tray that was giving me horrible pressure and stinging pain between my top two front teeth. I told my... READ MORE

Sore throat tingliness in throat and mouth area, allergic reaction?

I am on my fourth day of my Invisalign and from the first day I started noticing a sore dry throat but never really suspected anything. The third day... READ MORE

Allergy to Invisalign. Is there an alternative material that can be used?

Immediately after getting my first invisalign retainers, I got small red spots around my lips and as time has gone on the "rash has spread to other... READ MORE

Swollen itchy peeling lips Invisalign

I have had my invisalign for 12 weeks, my lips peel, itch and swell when trays are in. I have stopped wearing them today. I am reading on other... READ MORE

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