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Ideal implants are made with saline filler and a silicone outer shell. They were designed to eliminate concerns about the silent rupture that may occur with silicone-filled implants, which is often undetectable by looking in the mirror. As opposed to earlier models of saline implants, which some think lack the natural feel of breast tissue, Ideal implants provide more structure by placing extra layers of shell around the saline filler.

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30 Years Old, 3 Kids, Breastfed 4 Yrs Each, No Sag - IDEAL implant OVERS- Toronto, ON

5'5, 115-120 lbs muscular build (weight train, sports) Scheduled for a BA with Dr Jugenburg (Dr 6ix). I'm still weighing my options but so far was recommended ideal implant, overfilled to max, and subglandular (over muscle). Fortunately I have no sag. deflated 32A BWD ~12 Goal: fake round,... READ MORE

32a, 5'2, 23 years old getting Ideal Saline Implants 345/365cc - Raleigh-Durham, NC

Since I have been obsessed with this website after my preop appt I have decided to write about my journey to help others, like all of these other ladies have helped me in my decision making process!! I decided to proceed with this surgery sooner rather than later because... well YOLO and I've... READ MORE

5'1 110Lbs Atlanta GA (375cc) ideal implant

My experice has been super awesome. My expections with my procedure I don't want to go to massive because I am a small girl but I do think for me going 375cc will be a good option because they will drop to 350cc. I have my post opp July 11th so I'll definitely keep you updated. When I went in... READ MORE

40 Years Hot, 415cc IDEAL Saline Implants

I'm 40 years old. I do what I can to keep in shape but there is nothing that I can do in the gym to help my itty bitty boobies. Stats:5' 7", 135lbs36B - no upper pole fullness - not even sure this is the right size for meMeasurementsB - 33"W - 25"H - 36.5"I almost did this about 4 years ago and... READ MORE

Ideal Implants 375 & 415, 5'8 155lbs

I ve learned so much from this site, I wanted to be sure to contribute as well! My stats: Current bra size: 34 B Weight: 155 Height: 5'8 BWD: 14.7 (R) 13.7 (L) Implant type: Ideal Saline implant Implant size: 415 or 455 In May I went to a consult with Dr Robert Colgrove in Atlanta... READ MORE

21 Very Unhappy With A Cup Boobs - Oregon, OR

Dr. Connall is AMAZING I had my Breast Augmentation on May 5th 2017 I am a little over a month post-op. I feel completely fine and completely normal, I know when I was researching Breast Augmentation I was worried that what the other girls were saying with their heal times were a bit over... READ MORE

120lb 32a Ideal Implant under muscle 450-470cc Mother of 2

Avid gym junkie I wanted something that wouldn't limit my work out routine so my surgeon & I decided on the saline structured implant also called the ideal implant I'm only a week & a few days out but so far LOVING it! Eager to hit the gym again but I know I have a few more weeks to go.... READ MORE

24, 5'0, 112lb, Ideal implants!

So I'm 24 years old and my boobs stopped growing when I was 12. I wear a size 34A bra but they never fit and I think I'm more like a 36AA. If I was skinner small boobs wouldn't be so much of a problem but I am pretty curvy and I have a really big butt compared to the rest of my body. I also have... READ MORE

5'2 118lbs a Cup 450cc Unders - Athletic

Super nervous! I have already had my pre op appointment and scheduled my surgery but I'm still on the fence about size! I'm currently a 34A bwd is 11.5 and my ps originally said 370cc would be good for me. I sent him photos then we decided on 405cc ideal filled to 450cc. I'm worried they won't... READ MORE

Small Frame, 114lbs, 5'6'', 32AA, ideal implant 240&260cc, under, crease incision

Ive always been small. I was a 32A and could purchase a bra anywhere before I had a child and breastfed for 2.5 years. Now I'm a 32AA and have a hard time finding bras that fit. Throughout my life I have thought about breast augmentation but always felt it was silly to put myself through so much... READ MORE

38 yr/ 4 kids/ 103 lb/ 5'2"/ 430 CC

I had my first baby at 19. The next 3 babies where all approximately 2 years apart back to back from 2010 to present. I nursed the last three back to back and sometimes tandem. In the end my last little one left me with breasts that don't even deserve a AA bra. It's truly sad. I have always been... READ MORE

Ready As I Ever Will Be! - Ann Arbor, MI

I'm 36 yo, 5'7, and 150 lbs. Seven days and counting until my procedure. I had always had nice breast and a good body without even trying. Then came 3 children in 19 months, along with 90lbs extra. I breast fed all 3 of my kiddos leaving my body in damaged. I was always a full C through hs and... READ MORE

Turned 30, 2 Kids, Looking to Old Self Back...with Some Improvements. Getting BA with IDEAL implants 530cc - Atlanta, GA

So I'm currently looking to get 2 procedures done. I'm wanting a Breast Augmentation and Brazilian butt lift done. Before I had kids, I was very active. I was in the military and in great shape. I've always had small breasts though, and wanted to get bigger ones since I was 18. But being in the... READ MORE

34 Yo, 130lb, 5'6", 2 Kids, 32B/C Currently

Hi ladies! Well I've been thinking about getting a BA for about 2 years and now that we're done having kids I think I've finally gotten up the nerve, haha. I've decided on the IDEAL implants because I'm too nervous about silicone and silent ruptures. Now I'm trying to decide what size to get.... READ MORE

21 Year Old Bartender ! Vancouver, BC

I've always been insecure about my small boobs... I've been wearing push up bras from a very young age.. Until I got a breast augmentation. This has seriously made me gane self esteem and the staff was wonderful. Doctor Gelfant made sure to give me all the information I needed before going... READ MORE

29 Year Old, Ideal Implants, 455 cc Under Muscle - Virginia Beach, VA

I have always had small breasts and always wanted implants. I had two children whom I breast fed the youngest for two years. My husband and I decided we are done with children and so it is time!! My breasts definitely need some assistance because I was a small A and grew to a DD and now they... READ MORE

31, 2 Kids, 5'8", 175lbs, 36A Getting 400 CC Ideal Implants

Well, this has been a long time coming and I am happy to have found this site. After concluding I am done having children, I will finally be getting the implants I have been wishing for for the past 15 years. My husband and I are both very excited, but I am having my fair share of nerves as well... READ MORE

23 yr old, petite frame, IDEAL implant

My stats: 5"2' 107 lbs 32A before After is TBA I got 270 ideal implants, Left is filled to 295 & Right is filled to 305. I'm in love!!! First night was all sleep and taking meds while walking around here and there. I went to the restroom without needing help. Once Dr. Lim took off my... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 1 Child, Ideal Implant 475cc

I had my breast augmentation done yesterday. When I came home I took my pain killers and muscle relaxers but didn't really sleep just watched tv. Most of my pressure was in my upper breast until I removed bandages then pressure moved down. Still pain not as bad as I thought it would be. I felt... READ MORE

23 yr old, petite frame, IDEAL implant

My stats: 5"2' 107 lbs 32A before After is TBA I got 270 ideal implants, Left is filled to 295 & Right is filled to 305. I'm in love!!! First night was all sleep and taking meds while walking around here and there. I went to the restroom without needing help. Once Dr. Lim took off my... READ MORE

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