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There are several treatments available for hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, including underarm Botox injections and miraDryLEARN MORE ›

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Just had my Botox injections today. I wrote a whole review and then it didn't post so I'll try to get most of it back on here and will be as detailed though. I have been dealing with excessive sweating since I was first entering puberty and have decided that it's time to finally do something... READ MORE

I am a 46 year old man that has had a sweating "problem" for my entire adult life... for decades I thought it was a mental thing... I even self diagnosed myself with social anxiety (but as it turns out totally untrue)... I was just plain tired of only wearing certain colors that showed the wet... READ MORE

I had the Precision TX proceedure done for my arm pits from excessive sweating and I couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Jean and his staff, especially Annie! They were very professional and really took the extra step to make me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Dr. Jean is very... READ MORE

Living with this has been extremely difficult and life and career-altering. As one would imagine, there is a social stigma related to this disease and moreso in the career I've chosen in Sales. My hyperhydrosis is predominantly in my hands and under arms. As you can imagine, the impact on my... READ MORE

I used to sweat a lot under my arms, so I went to see Dr. Giese, she answered all my questions and we booked the procedure a week later. She called me the day after surgery to see how I was doing, and also saw me for a follow a week after the procedure. Dr. Giese and her staff are absolutely... READ MORE

I have been plagued with excessive sweating of the hands and feet since I was 16.The result has been that I found myself more and more socially isolated. I tried,everything from cold baths to powders and gels with no results .A few years back someone mentioned iontophoresis therapy to me ...my... READ MORE

“I had my Precision TX Hyperhydrosis done in the beginning of May 2014 with Dr. Theodore Diktaban and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have always had a problem with underarm sweating especially on hot days, stressful situations or when I got nervous. I never thought there w... READ MORE

I get migraines and have had Botox shots in my forehead, scalp, and neck for the past 8 months. It seems as though my hyperhidrosis began around the same time, possibly earlier. Whenever I move,at all, even if just to walk around and to a couple things in the house, right away my head starts... READ MORE

My motivation for treating my Hyperhidrosis was finding out that there is a permanent treatment available. My Hyperhidrosis has been humiliating and debilitating. Temporary treatments from dermatologist were painful and became very expensive throughout the years. All those clinical strength... READ MORE

If you have hyperhydrosis of the hands and feet dont get ETS surgery. My story is I have always had sweaty hands and feet. I used to hate shaking hands or writing a report in school because the paper would be soaked. Holding hands in prayer in church was awfully embarrassing. Back in 2003... READ MORE

I've just had ETS surgery exactly 2 weeks ago. I grew up with Sweaty palms and it caused a lot of problems when I was a child all the way till 2 weeks ago. I am 18 now. It would cause me to smudge ink all over my worksheets because my hands would just keep sweating, really making a messy... READ MORE

I hope my story helps someone as I know how hard it is to live with hyperhidrosis. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since my early teens. The affected areas were my hands, feet and armpits. Being born and raised in a cold climate I was able to hide my hands in gloves, wore dark thick... READ MORE

Becoming a patient of Dr. K has been a life changing experience. A long time sufferer of palmar hyperhidrosis , I was searching for a physician who truly understood the problem. Dr.K is that man. At my very first meeting I knew that I was in the care of an extremely knowledgable and... READ MORE

I have had severe underarm sweat since I was about thirteen years old. It’s incredibly embarrassing, and I’ve never been able to wear what I wanted, needing to instead wear layers to hide how quickly I sweat through a shirt. I am now twenty and have finally said enough is enough. Within two day... READ MORE

I had sweating in my armpits since I was 12, very uncomfortable but also embarassing. It limited my social life, as well as my self esteem. I tried alot of over the counter products including Driclor and Rexona, if anything the Rexona was better than the Driclor, but not enough to reduce the... READ MORE

I sweat from my hands, feet and arm pits 24/7. Recently I got athletes foot so bad my toe nail fell off from infection. The foot doctor bluntly told me how my Hyperhidrosis is going to continue to reek havoc on my feels health. So I made the appointment today with University of Michigan... READ MORE

I had suffered from Hyperhidrosis for as long as I could remember, and came to a point where I just accepted the fact that I had this condition. It was just awful, day in and out, always having to wear an under shirt, no matter what, and even under a t-shirt when summer came along. But even that... READ MORE

I have struggled with underarm Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) all throughout college. I finally decided to receive Hyperhidrosis Treatment from Dr. Manolis and it really has changed my life. I no longer have to be self conscious about what I am wearing and if it will show sweat stains. This... READ MORE

I was tired of the skin irritation of other treatments and the short term results they have me. I wanted the freedom to wear lighter colored shirts and dresses without the embarrassment of sweat stains within minutes of getting dressed! The botox procedure was relatively painless and very... READ MORE

I want to do the hyperhidrosis treatment because it has kept me from doing more that I want. As I type right now I can feel my hands sweating I want to live a palm sweat free life. it's not too much to ask for. but it cost way too much considering college expenses. I know its heredity because my... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Hyperhidrosis Treatment ranges from $100-$3,550 with an average cost of $1,275. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 23 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more