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Worried About Hair Transplant Results?

Hello, I've had a hair transplant early this year (January 2012) for 1700 grafts on my crown area (the method used was FUT). Before the procedure, I... READ MORE

Does the Treatment of Men Hair Club Works?

I'm using a shampoo, Conditioner, Spray, other liquid, laser comb and once a month I attend to a deep therapy that I have to go to the MHC facility. I... READ MORE

Laser Hair Treatment #1, It Appears Nothing has Happened, Normal?

Its been a week since my first laser treatment, and it appears that nothing has happened. i.e- the hair is still growing, at a fairly rapid rate. Is... READ MORE

Hair transplant 45 days ago. I haven't seen any new hair

I did hair transplant 45 days a go I haven't seen any new hair or still today . What I see new is white thing feeling from my hair it looks like the... READ MORE

5 weeks after HT, hair is not growing (Photo)

About 90-95% of the transplanted hair is gone. my existing hair grows but the rest ones. even when i wash my hair they do not shed because so short... READ MORE

The implanted hair is falling out or didn't grow at all. The wiry hair that grew is greatly different to my natural hair (Photo)

1.5+ yrs ago, I had 1635 grafts transplanted on the sides and frontal part of my hairline. After the shedding phase some of the implanted hair graft... READ MORE

I had a hair transplant 3 months ago but still have no new hair. Is this right? (Photo)

I did hair transplant 3 month a go . But I haven't seen any new hair yet . The only new on my had is the white thing you see on the picture. This come... READ MORE

I'm 33 yr old female w/ extreme hair thinning on both sides of my head & the an inch into the crown of my head. Any suggestion?

My dermotologist put me on spiro and gave me monthly injections for 8 months. The only thing I noticed was a dread shed of my hair and then a regrowth... READ MORE

There is no result after increasing hair density in middle. I got pimples on my forehead

I hv gone through transplantation of 3000 grafts in middle top nd hair line 1 month back the density is too less in the middle even now and even front... READ MORE

Scabbing the recipient area by nurse at day 10, can be the reason for almost no grow of transplanted hair at one side?

At day 10, the nurse took away the stiches in the donor area and scabbed my recipient area (front and temporal). My wife has the same feeling as me:... READ MORE

3 months after, tranplanted hair still looks the same as day one

Hi! I got a hair transplant almost 3 months ago, my transplanted hairs hasn't shed and neither grow.. the still exactly the same that when i got the... READ MORE

It's been 4 months since my fut hair transplant and I don't see a difference?

It's been 4 months since I've had my hair transplant surgery and I do not see a difference. Is this normal? READ MORE

Grafted hair after one month. Is it possible that it isn't growing?

Its been a month of my Hair transplant and I am seeing not much as a result does is it possible that your grafts grafted hair doesn't grow? The Roots... READ MORE

Is hair transplant successful in female below 30 years of age. (photo)

I am 28 years old and I have lost much of my hairs and I get very disturbed when I see my bald area. I have tried minoxidil but got no results. So I... READ MORE

Hair transplant falling out after head massage and sauna? (Photos)

Hi Doctors, I had this question 3 months ago And my status... READ MORE

What hair procedure can I get done to fill in these spaces? Can I use my sisters hair because my hair is no good? (photos)

It all started during my pregnancy with my now 8yr old daughter. My hair fell out during the entire pregnancy! 3 months after I had her it started... READ MORE

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