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A gum Lift is a cosmetic dental procedure that contours the gum tissue, usually to show more of the teeth and improve the smile.

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36 Years Old, Gum Lift After Invisalign - Maui, HI

I recently finished Invisalign and my original orthodontist recommended I have laser gum contouring after my treatment to lengthen my teeth and even out my gum line. She specialized in laser gum contouring. Unfortunately she ended up selling her practice before I finished Invisalign. I ended up... READ MORE

Gum Lift, Crown Lengthening, Gummy Smile

I have always been self conscious of my gummy smile. I finally went in for a consultation and had an appointment scheduled for 3 weeks later for crown lengthening on my top 8 teeth. I w hip g jus for laser gum contouring but I wasn't a candidate. The procedure lasted about an hour, and was... READ MORE

I've Always Been Unhappy with the Appearance of my Smile, and I Finally Decided to Change It!

I have always had a fascination with BIG teeth, like I loved them! I'd often give people complements on their teeth like "oh you have great teeth" vs saying you have a cute shoes, lol weird right. But myself , I have always had small teeth, and never knew I could achieve the look without costly... READ MORE

Gummy Smile Gone!

My smile was okay. I was always conscious of mow I had a 50/50 gum tooth ratio. I suffered from "tiny" teeth. My oral surgeon re sculpted my entire top gum line with a scalpel. He was helpful, informative, and has checked on me via text and mail after the fact. The procedure took less than 90... READ MORE

18 Perfect Smile with Gum Lift - Sioux Falls, SD

I hated my smile before it used to be so ugly gummy and uneven but after my crown lengthening procedure I literally have the perfect smile it was 100 percent worth the money. They used the scalpel method which gave me greater length since a laser can only do so much. I am so happy with the... READ MORE

gum lift at 23...tots worth it! :)

I've always hated how childish and small my teeth looked and how my gums would show any time I smiled. Whenever I laughed I would ALWAYS cover my mouth. I'm 23 years old and my face already makes me look so young, my teeth didn't help at all. I decided to do some research and looked for the best... READ MORE

Changed my whole smile

After having braces and bonding on teeth to elongate, my gummy smile still bothered me. I finally went to a cosmetic dentist to discuss veneers, but after they quoted me $30,000+ and didn't even mention crown lengthening..I was a little disappointed. Fortunately, I went to a periodontist at the... READ MORE

29 Years Old. Finished Invisalign and Ready for a Gingavectamy - Melbourne, AU

I am getting the top few teeth gum contoured using the traditional method of scalpel. There is a laser option as well but my dentist said the results don't last as long. I am going in today. Very excited. Dentist said he will numb gums then cut one by one and i will not feel anything. Takes few... READ MORE

Gum Lift. Miami, FL

Hello there, Had my gum lift today and for today I am exctremely unhappy. First of all it was made with a scalpel (old school) which caused me a lot of bleeding and extreme swelling. Also, I have stiches on which I never knew I would have them. I know when they do with laser they don't use... READ MORE

Crown Lengthening - Miami, FL

I had my procedure done 3 weeks ago by Dr.Fain in north Miami, fl ... the gums are still healing but the results thus far have been amazing. Dr. Matt and his partner also make the experience more relaxing and reassuring. I do have small gaps where I'm hoping the gum fills in more, but it's only... READ MORE

After a Year of Debating, Finally Getting my Gummy Smile Surgery. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to Premiere Dental today looking for a second opinion on a quote for a gummy smile surgery procedure that I received from another dentist in Miami. I feel, as a rule of thumb, you should always get a second or third opinion on any major procedure you want to have done. The office was... READ MORE

Totally Life Changing - Miami, FL

It's been about 5 days post surgery. Ibuprofen has been my best friend since the surgery. Also, my gums are bruised and the inside the roof of my mouth still feels raw. but the bleeding has stopped. I can floss my teeth now without bleeding and the stitches came out on their own. I went to a... READ MORE

I Want a Hollywood Smile! - Doylestown, PA

I am going to Dr. Bruce Wildeman in Doylestown, PA. I am looking forward to get some veneers in the top teeth along with zoom whitening. I also am going to inquire about getting my gums laser reshaped as I have a gummy smile (not too bad but it bothers me). I used Invisalign a couple a years... READ MORE

SOS Gum Contouring Let Me Know if This is Normal - Chicago, IL

Well, I had it done yesterday via laser. Thought everything was going well and looked amazing until I took a nap.. I woke up and my teeth looked smaller than before and my gums were bigger than ever. I called my dentist and he said it was normal for it to swell this much. Did this happen to... READ MORE

Laser Gum Removal. London, GB

A quick and easy procedure with no pain. After going to numerous dentists, I am happy with the results. The before/after pictures are of the 5th laser gum treatment I had done. the procedure was painless as I was given numbing injections beforehand - I'd advise you to carry along painkillers -... READ MORE

Gum Lift and Thinking About Veeners or Teeh Bonding to Correct Gap - Brazil

Just had a gum lift and am contemplating veeners or other procedure to correct my gap and enhance my smile? I never liked my gummy smile and would rarely smile on any picture. Right after the surgery i could already see the difference. Im very happy with reaults. Now, im just not sure what will... READ MORE

Got Gums Lightened and Very Small Lifting - San Francisco, CA

Since I was getting braces, I figured I might as well complete the process with nice, pink gums! :) The procedure was only like 2 hours or less (with a break). The doctor was really knowledgeable and even told me that I may not really need it because my smile wasnt gummy, but I was insistent.... READ MORE

One Desires Pink Gums - Bellaire, TX

I actually had a procedure to remove the pigmentation from my gums. I had always desired to have this done in the past, but all my dentist and periodontist in Houston I saw before claimed that "there was nothing that could be done". After I decided to do some research myself, I found out that... READ MORE

Gummy Smile Gingivectomy (Laser) Beverly Hills, CA

I've been self conscience about my gummy smile since childhood. I never had it corrected. I considered Botox treatment but after consulting with a Plastic Surgeon he said it wouldn't be as effective because it was more of my gum overgrowth vs lip placement causing my gummy smile. I went to a... READ MORE

Now I Can Smile Without Covering my Mouth! - Studio City, CA

Ive always had a really apparent gummy smile which made me so embarrassed to laugh. I was going to get botox but my doc told me it would limit my mouth movement in awkward ways, like I wouldn't be able to sip coffee without dribbling on myself. So I asked my dentist about it and we discussed... READ MORE

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