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A gum Lift is a cosmetic dental procedure that contours the gum tissue, usually to show more of the teeth and improve the smile.

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It's been about 5 days post surgery. Ibuprofen has been my best friend since the surgery. Also, my gums are bruised and the inside the roof of my mouth still feels raw. but the bleeding has stopped. I can floss my teeth now without bleeding and the stitches came out on their own. I went to a... READ MORE

Hello there, Had my gum lift today and for today I am exctremely unhappy. First of all it was made with a scalpel (old school) which caused me a lot of bleeding and extreme swelling. Also, I have stiches on which I never knew I would have them. I know when they do with laser they don't use... READ MORE

I went to Premiere Dental today looking for a second opinion on a quote for a gummy smile surgery procedure that I received from another dentist in Miami. I feel, as a rule of thumb, you should always get a second or third opinion on any major procedure you want to have done. The office was... READ MORE

I am going to Dr. Bruce Wildeman in Doylestown, PA. I am looking forward to get some veneers in the top teeth along with zoom whitening. I also am going to inquire about getting my gums laser reshaped as I have a gummy smile (not too bad but it bothers me). I used Invisalign a couple a years... READ MORE

Well, I had it done yesterday via laser. Thought everything was going well and looked amazing until I took a nap.. I woke up and my teeth looked smaller than before and my gums were bigger than ever. I called my dentist and he said it was normal for it to swell this much. Did this happen to... READ MORE

A quick and easy procedure with no pain. After going to numerous dentists, I am happy with the results. The before/after pictures are of the 5th laser gum treatment I had done. the procedure was painless as I was given numbing injections beforehand - I'd advise you to carry along painkillers -... READ MORE

Just had a gum lift and am contemplating veeners or other procedure to correct my gap and enhance my smile? I never liked my gummy smile and would rarely smile on any picture. Right after the surgery i could already see the difference. Im very happy with reaults. Now, im just not sure what will... READ MORE

Since I was getting braces, I figured I might as well complete the process with nice, pink gums! :) The procedure was only like 2 hours or less (with a break). The doctor was really knowledgeable and even told me that I may not really need it because my smile wasnt gummy, but I was insistent.... READ MORE

I actually had a procedure to remove the pigmentation from my gums. I had always desired to have this done in the past, but all my dentist and periodontist in Houston I saw before claimed that "there was nothing that could be done". After I decided to do some research myself, I found out that... READ MORE

I've been self conscience about my gummy smile since childhood. I never had it corrected. I considered Botox treatment but after consulting with a Plastic Surgeon he said it wouldn't be as effective because it was more of my gum overgrowth vs lip placement causing my gummy smile. I went to a... READ MORE

Ive always had a really apparent gummy smile which made me so embarrassed to laugh. I was going to get botox but my doc told me it would limit my mouth movement in awkward ways, like I wouldn't be able to sip coffee without dribbling on myself. So I asked my dentist about it and we discussed... READ MORE

I had Invisalign and gum lift done. I'd always been self conscious about my smile. Especially whenever I smiled I would get comments of how short my teeth were. And one thing I noticed my teeth were straight on the upper front so when I smiled the upper teeth and lower met. I had many dentists... READ MORE

I have small teeth and with the excess gum they always looked even smaller. When the dentist told me he could take it away with a laser, I was in! It took about 10 mins with no pain. I was thrilled the first look at them! It was swollen and sore for a few days and I had to use a special... READ MORE

I always had a gummy smile, which made my teeth appear to be short and my gum line uneven. Since my wedding date is approaching, I decided it was time to get a "Hollywood" smile. READ MORE

After researching Botox for gummy smile for 2 years I finally had it done 2 weeks ago. I have asymmetrical results. I really like the results on one side but the other side droops. I went to a highly recommended PS who is also a dentist. I want to find a PS who can do this in Oklahoma,... READ MORE

I recently had gum contouring performed on my 8 teeth on the top. Right after the difference was very noticeable and i was very pleased with the results. About 7 hours later my teeth appeared smaller and my smile started to look as it did before. I have decided to let a few days pass before i... READ MORE

I went to Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey to get what they call "gum recontouring" done on my teeth. I've always been self-conscious of my smile because my teeth are so small and so much of my gums show in it. I met with Dr. Romano for a consultation and he answered all my questions, gave me all... READ MORE

This is the third gum graft Dr. Tehrani has done for me. All have been successful with normal recovery and good results. Dr. Tehrani is professional, patient and thorough, taking the time to explain to me what she's doing. There was plenty of time scheduled for appointments so that I was... READ MORE

I had laser gum treatments in my molars about two weeks ago after my general dentist referred me to this office. I didn’t do any research before coming, I trusted my dentists referral. My experience has been great. I haven’t experienced any pain. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gallardo and... READ MORE

I have been conscious about my gummy smile for over 20 years. I thought the only solution was to have the orthogenetic surgery. I have consulted 4 doctors however I was turned down by all of them. They all told me I didn’t have any biting or jaw problems and my gummy smile was not severe... READ MORE

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