Body Jet Overview

Body Jet liposuction is a water-assisted liposuction (WAL) technique, and is sometimes referred to as Water Jet Liposuction. (AquaLipo is a liposuction technique that combines Body Jet with laser liposuction, such as SmartLipo.)

  • The use of water pressure to remove your body fat has caught the attention of people looking for alternatives to invasive liposuction surgery or laser liposuction, with the same results. However, Body Jet technology uses the same types of cannulas and infiltration fluid that plastic surgeons have used in liposuction for nearly 30 years. 
  • The unique aspect of Body Jet is that the technique superhydrates the tissues with the fluid, separating the fat with fluid. The fat is still avulsed from its location, perhaps just a bit easier.
  • As pointed out by Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel, a nationally-recognized expert in liposuction, the before and after results for liposuction (traditional, ultrasound, laser, VASER or Body Jet) are primarily dependent on the experience and talent of the operating surgeon, not the instrument used.

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