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Fraxel or Photofacial for Fine Lines?

If cost is not a factor, which would be more effective between Fraxel or Photofacial for one series of treatment for fine lines and sun damage on my... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser to Treat Discoid Lupus?

I suffer from discoid lupus on my face, neck and back. Would the Fraxel laser remove the lesions? Other steriod topicals and malaria drugs did not work. READ MORE

Treatment for chest and neck redness, wrinkles and overall mottled appearance? (photos)

What can I do for my chest and neck? I'm considering Fraxel restore and/or a peel. I'm also prone to skin cancer and have had treatment on a few... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Tighten my Skin on the Front of my Neck?

I paid one thousand eight hundred pounds last year, for four sessions of Titan laser treatment. on the font of my neck last year, and there was no... READ MORE

Why is my Skin on my Neck and Chest Itching One Month After Fraxel Restore?

My face does not itch, just neck and chest area. It has been 2 months since fraxel restore on my chest, 1 month on my neck. READ MORE

Fraxel Laser While on Coumadin?

I am 48 years old, and taking 9 mgs of Coumadin daily since October of 2008. Can I have a Fraxel Laser treatment on my face, neck, and chest? READ MORE

Fraxel for Redness and Hypopigmented Acne Scars?

I have white marks on the neck from past acne scarring, along with redness. This area is also still blemish prone. Is Fraxel a possible solution for... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Burning and in So Much Pain from Fraxel on my Neck 4 Days Ago

Hi there! I had Fraxel Laser on my neck and still burning up and very red and painful. If i dont put creme on, my skin feels like its going to crack... READ MORE

Fraxel Ruined my Neck/Chest. What Can I Do About the Resulting Hyperpigmentation?

I had fraxel on my neck and chest several years ago and now have hyper-pigmentation that has only gotten worse through the years. Unfortunately, the... READ MORE

I Had Fraxel on my neck, what do I do about hyperpigmentation?

Now my neck is covered with hyperpigmentation. I have tried skin bleaching creams like hydroquinone, kojic acid. What else can I do? READ MORE

What are the main differences of Fractional CO2 laser and Fraxel® laser?

I am 59, with sun damage and deep wrinkles to my face forehead and neck. I am looking at these procedures. Also, there is a huge discrepancy in costs.... READ MORE

What is Fraxel 3D?

I read a post from a San Franciso surgeon on Fraxel lasers who said that the 3D laser treatment would be a good option for the chin/neck with no... READ MORE

In a Fraxel CO2 Laser Treatment, is the Neck Treated in Same Manner As the Face?

I had a treatment done to my face and neck. My face had 2 passes of the laser, while my neck only one. My neck is barely red or sore. Im concerned... READ MORE

I Had Fraxil Resurfacing Done to my Neck Three Weeks Ago and my Neck is Still Very Red.

I had Fraxil resurfacing done to my neck three weeks ago and my neck is still very red. Also, my neck feels very tight, tingles and itches. It this... READ MORE

I had fraxel dual laser treatment on face and neck and chest.

Four days later my jawline is swollen like a chipmunk. I feel as though I have the mumps. READ MORE

Fraxel Dual vs IPL with V Beam?

I am Caucasian & have dark pigmentation on face/neck/chest. Sun damage. One doctor recommended Fraxel Dual & another recommended IPL w/V Beam.... READ MORE

I Have MVP with Regurtation. Can I Still Get Laser Fraxel on my Neck?

I have MVP with regurtation. Can I still have laser fraxel on my neck? READ MORE

Surgery scar on cervical neck, indented & scar tissue surrounding incision makes it look wide. Would Fraxel Laser help? (photo)

Surgery scar on cervical neck, it's indented and there is scar tissue surrounding incision makes it look wide. Would fraxel laser help? The skin is... READ MORE

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