3 Months Post-op + Fraxel Laser

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Dark Spots After Fraxel Treatment for Acne Scars... Help?

Hi, In March I had my fourth Fraxel treatment on acne scars from the palomar Starlux 1540 laser. I had had Fabulous results until the last one. about... READ MORE

Is Orange Peel skin after laser permanent? My face is an orange Peel texture now. What happened?

Three months after Fraxel dual I am left with bad texture and Orange Peel skin is this permanent? I can't even put make up due to the skin that... READ MORE

Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone Before Fraxel?

Over 3 months ago I had a full face Fraxel Dual 1927 and have been left with distorted skin texture. The esthetician who performed the procedure... READ MORE

Are there any doctors out there that can help fix my textural damage from fraxel? (photos)

I got a fraxel dual treatment 3 months ago and my skin is the texture of cottage cheese. Are there any doctors who can help me?? I will fly anywhere... READ MORE

Why is the Texture of my Chin Worse 2 1/2 Months After a Total Fraxel?

New lines/orange peel texture-----------will that get better? READ MORE

Why is my skin oily and bumpy 3-4 months post Fraxel? (photos)

I had my first Fraxel 3 months ago. I had no coffee grounds after the initial treatment like I did with IPL (they said to expect it though) and saw no... READ MORE

Can Any of You Doctors Give Me Encouragement?

I had a total fraxel 2 1/2 months ago around my mouth to lesson a scar at the corner and ended up with skin on my chin of poor texture. Should my skin... READ MORE

3 months after Fraxel Laser, I have dots & lines on my face, will this heal or is it permanent?

Hi, i have done fraxel three months ago and i noticed that i have millions of dots and lines on my face. Actually i have the pattern of the laser on... READ MORE

Fraxel question - Doctors Please Help!! (photos)

Why is my skin waxy, shiny and have more pores 3 months post fraxel? Was I burnt from the laser? I know we did 8 passes at the maximum allowed depth.... READ MORE

Will This Scar Further Improve by Fraxel Restore? (photo)

3 months post Fraxel Restore and scar is still noticeably pronounced under lights. What type of scar is this consider and is this scar too old for it... READ MORE

No results with Fraxel. What can I do? (Photo)

3 months post 3rd treament of fraxel laser and I haven't seen any result rather Fraxel has left small holes on my skin what to do ? Had consulted an... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Had Fraxel RF 3 months ago and now I have a lot of holes, enlarged pores, what can I do? (photos)

What do I do now, creams? the next treatment? I have a hole, now enlarged and I do not know whether I lost fat face on forhead? also mark and new... READ MORE

Fraxel/fractional laser damaged my skin! More large open pores of grid line pattern. Help me (Photo)

I had my fraxel last 3 months, BUT it left me SCARRED PORES CAUSED BY THE FRAXEL LASER! somewhat they called as "orange peel effect" caused by... READ MORE

Will my Doctor Work with Me on Having No Results with Fraxel Restore? (photo)

I had 5 treatments of Fraxel Restore done by a pretty highly respected Doctor in dermatology and i have had barely any results. It has been 2 1/2... READ MORE

3 Months Post Fraxel, I Have Veins On My Nose. Doctor Did Verdis on Veins, and Made it Worse?

Had my last aggressive fraxel 3 months ago and almost immediately veins popped up by my nose. I have had constant acne-white heads and black heads.... READ MORE

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