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The Fractora treatment uses radiofrequency to treat sagging skin, improve definition, and reduce the appearance of scars or discolored skin tone. A handheld device with small pins creates tiny punctures in the skin, sending heat below the surface to promote collagen production. It’s most commonly used on the face and neck, but body treatments can also include arms, abdomen, thighs, and other areas that could benefit from tissue contraction. Some swelling and redness will occur and may take up to a week to fully subside.

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Fractora ruined my skin

I had a fractora treatment done to help reduce the appearance of acne scars left on my cheeks from years of battling teenage acne. My scarring wasn't awful but noticeable if you were to stare at my face for a little bit and very noticeable to me, so I finally decided to do something to fix it.... READ MORE

Don't Do Fractora

I'm 43 and had no saging skin on my knees after I did Ulthera about 4 years ago. I wanted to repeat the treatment to maintain the look but my PA in NYC talked me into doing Fractora because it was less painful. What a stupid mistake I made by listening to her. My knees look awful now. Totally... READ MORE

Needed a Lift and Firming Post Treatment for Breast Cancer - Bellevue, WA

I went to Dr. Suh to discuss a total medi-spa "make-over". I have just completed 6 months of treatment for breast cancer and wanted to start regaining my life and femininity. He spent 30 minutes discussing my concerns and discussed the procedures to address them. We talked about semi and... READ MORE

Fractora experience, the story you do not read

There are 2 fractora treatments. I had both. The fractora firm is very bearable but the fractora RF not. It is not a nice experience. It is stressful, painfull and rough. It made me cry. Apparantly my reaction to it is not at all uncommon. I hope the results will be good as it is was an awful... READ MORE

39 Yo Female with Wrinkles and Skin Discoloration-FRACTORA!!!

I had this procedure done for fine/deep wrinkles (mainly) and some skin discoloration (due to sun damage). Worth it! The day after the procedure my skin began to feel tighter. I can tell a marked difference in smoother skin and more even tone. Dr Steckler's staff was very professional and... READ MORE

no need to fear fractora! - Hinsdale, IL

I am writing this review only 4 days from the procedure. So I am not quite sure yet if it will do what I am hoping, however, I did want to complete a positive review regarding the process and procedure. In case anyone is fearful of having a Fractora treatment...don't be! The numbing cream... READ MORE

Fractora - Session #2 - Ridgeland, MS

This process is AMAZING. I am fair skinned with some sun damage. At 53 years old, the lines (wrinkles) were beginning noticeable. After my first session of Lumeca and Fractora, the results have been awesome. Daily, people comment on my beautiful skin! I had my second session today and cannot... READ MORE

Don't Do It- Do Your Homework - Washington, DC

I had Fractora RF on June 1 to address old acne scars. Those scars, in comparison to what I am dealing with today were minimal. I read all of the reviews online, watched the youtube videos on the procedure and was excited to get it. Little did I know, my life would change drastically 3.5 months... READ MORE

63 Year Old Female with Large Abdominal Scar and Sagging Skin - Colorado Springs, CO

I received fractura because I was unhappy with the appearance of a large abdominal scar and the skin that had started to sage around it. I was thrilled with the results of the tightening of my abdominal reason. Dr. Burroughs staff was very professional and Mychelle, RN, made me very... READ MORE

I Am a 53-year Old Female and I Am Not Going out Without a Fight. Dr. Mizgala is the One That I Turned To. - Metairie, LA

My motivation was trying to erase or or make it appear that there were less wrinkles off of my face without some crazy face lift. To look like a better me. Dr. Mizgala had other options for me. She performed a non-invasive procedure with Fractora. My skin looks fantastic. Some people even say I... READ MORE

Acne Scarring - New Orleans, LA

I got fractora done on my face for acne scarring. It made a difference but will need to get the treatment done one or two more times for my scarring to be completely gone!Robin was the esthetician for Dr. Cynthia Mizgala. Robin made the experience great and had a lot of knowledge about the... READ MORE

52 Year Old Sunlover - Metairie, LA

I am a 52 year old mother of three. I love the outdoors so I had lots of sun damage. My youngest daughter is only 12 years old so I wanted to look younger. My wrinkles really started to bother me. I had never tried anything other than creams. Dr. Mizgala recommended the fractora treatment with a... READ MORE

Don't Let Them Sell You Fractora!! It's a Waste! The Clinic is a Ripoff!!

I had fractora done over 20 days now!! My skin is pigmented and worse with acne and pores! I should have listened to the bad reviews. Now I'm trying to reach the clinic Ofcourse with no help!! They want me to buy more of their products!! This is a scam clinic ! No one is willing to fix my skin!... READ MORE

Initially Nervous Patient - Danvers, MA

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Petropoulos and her staff. Any doubts that I had about undergoing the procedures suggested vanished by the end of my first (consultative) visit, due to the high level of expertise and empathy displayed by Dr. P, her assistant Ngu and her office staff. I... READ MORE

Never Thought I Would, But.......never Say Never! Northbrook, IL

I had 2 Fractora procedures on my neck so far, and I have one left. I can't believe the results already! I'm so happy with the way it's made my jaw line look more pronounced, and it's tightening all over. The vertical lines on my neck are starting to disappear too. Everyone in the office is... READ MORE

Too Much Sun and Smoke - Now Gone - Encinitas, CA

I went in looking for a quick, dramatic way to restore my skin. I smoked 3-4 packs a day for 20 years and have worked outside and now I'm trying to play catch up. Don't want to bother with daily products (other than sunscreen). Dr. Blake recommended Fractora and although I had some crusting for... READ MORE

24 Year Old With Acne Scar and Pigmentation Issues - Cleveland, OH

I just made my appointment at the Feng Clinic for fractora (combo of microneedling and thermage)! It's so exciting to think that I might be able to feel comfortable in my skin without makeup. I have a breakout near my lips, so Dr. Feng has prescribed me an oral anti-viral as well as an oral... READ MORE

Outstanding Service and Competence - St. Louis, MO

I decided to pursue Restylane and Fractora treatments to look younger, fresher less worn and tired. I considered the pros and cons. A pro would be to look fresher but I didnt want to look like I have had something obvious (too much) done. My results: I feel that I have achieved the desired... READ MORE

Even Better Than I Expected. Saint Louis, MO

I am receiving the Fractora treatment. I have had the Fractora treatment before and the results were amazing! It was worth every penny and the short time of the recovery. I trust Dr. Ridenour and the staff with their opinions on what treatments they recommend to keep my face looking as young as... READ MORE

Acne Scars Results Seen After 1 Treatment - Fractora - Los Angeles, CA

I had a Fractora skin treatment about a month ago and even though I had one treatment I already see noticeable results. My doctor said I need 2-3 more sessions, for all of you who think there's no hope with acne scars (there is...its called Fractora). I had very bad acne scars and after a week I... READ MORE

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