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So Ready to Get This Done

Mom of 4 married to an amazing man. After my last baby I could not get the weight off and had no energy along with diabetes, thyroid issues, high cholesterol and plantar face. So much pain.My journey started a year and a half ago. I went to see Dr Schrapps in Beaumont TX June 2015. completed everything for my insurance to tell me no Bc my bmi had to be 35 or more for 2 years or longer. I...

30 Year Old with One Child, Is This Right for Me? - Houston, TX

Hello, I am a 30 year old mommy of one son. I have struggled with my weight since college. My highest weight has been 240 and I am currently weighing it between 226-228... Did I mention I am only 4"11?! When i mention surgery people are alarmed because "You don't look that heavy", or "You carry your weight well". What they do not understand is that I stop breathing about 50x a night, I am...