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Philippines Plastic Surgeon
St. Luke's Medical Center, Suite 1118 CHBC-NORTH
Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1102 PH

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1 out of 5 stars Revision Rhinoplasty

Successful Revision (I Got my Tip Back) DR. RENE VALERIO NIGHTMARE is OVER. GAME OVER.

I had rhinoplasty w Dr Valerio December of 2015.I just wanted my nose to enhance the rest of my face. as far as I can remember, I asked for height added to the bridge, and also my tip to be lifted a bit. I was young and was not very forward. I was told that he 'knew what i wanted' and I was told that he wont make my nose upturned. (which was done anyway) I think they said something along the lines of "lifting the tip a bit" "suturing it there" (VERY broad terminology)I was young and so set on the idea that I took the very brief explanation as gospel and didn't question it as I thought it best to trust the professional. I actually remember more or less being told what should be done, I never really had any say by the end of the consult. If i had really know what i wanted back then, then I wouldnt have gotten the surgery in the first place Because I would have known that what I really wanted was just for the septum to be extended a bit. Also I remember asking for a slope , and Valerio told me " ayaw mo ng slope" (no, you dont want a slope), later that day I thought to myself that I must have definetely picked the right person as he was telling me that a slope would look fake and not good on me. And I still agree with that till this day. So since he said that, I thought he knew what would look aesthetically pleasing and would not let me turn out weird or fake looking. Unfortunately talk is just talk. I trusted him to know best, as that is what he was trying to get me to believe. I asked about the possibility of using a septal extension graft, he said that "I didnt need it" , which was a dishonest statement,and he just kept on lying looking back, a professional should have been more forthright with the risks and assessment of my natural nose. The only thing I think I said was to make it look "nice" and not UPTURNED (DONT we all say that) even showed him a picture of what I thought was an upturned nose and he said that 'they dont do that' I just trusted I would come out with a better nose than I came in with. Trust trust trust. Misplaced and abused. Blind trust from an unsuspecting patient. blind trust from a child. Dishonest, and misleading How dare this surgeon impose what he wanted on an unsuspecting client without their full concent. my NOSE was really bad, and I had no nose tip. It looked fake and piggish w longer nostrils and my nose HAD NO SHAPE. How could it be so FAR OFF from what I wanted and not what was agreed upon? I felt mislead. I l found out why I had no nose tip. he had sewn so many pieces of cartilage on the tip that it covered the tip defining points that I had. he stuffed the tip w so many unnecessary grafts that caused my nose to look like a shapeless blob. I felt like a pinata. it was done so poorly and he almost wrecked my anatomy and it ISNT RIGHT. If a patient has a good harmony going on with their facial features, shouldn't an experienced facial surgeon be able to foresee that doing "this" or "that" would cause that harmony to be wrecked? And not just that, but shouldn't they be able to tell if a nose can withstand being overly stuffed and packed in with more and more cartilage? I'm not a doctor. The risks and procedure should have been explained to me, or at least to my parents. But that didn't happen. And even if my nose DIDNT need to be touched, even if they decided to go and mess with it, it still should NEVER in a million years, have turned out like THIS. This is not simply a difference. This is not a change that I need to get used to. This is not "another version" of Good. This is a Nightmare. I complained to Dr. Valerio about this, he suggested that I get a psych evaluation. WOW. youre the one who did WRONG and created a problem then you have the GUTS to look me in the eye and tell me something like this. Telling a person they are crazy when CLEARLY they are not... Well That's disgusting. My nose had obvious defects, If you are a sane person who has a good grasp on the aesthetic definition of "good" and "bad". THEN you would never be saying things like "i see nothing wrong w it" "para sakin maganda na yan ilong mo." "for me, your nose looks good" Unless you were a liar. No improvement was made. Only defects and a highly irregular looking nose was created as a result of having my surgery done by Dr.Valerio

*Your results may vary. Any specific claims or permanence length of results vary for each patient and are not guaranteed.

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*Your results may vary. Any specific claims or permanence length of results vary for each patient and are not guaranteed.