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On internet there is a lot of controversial information whether breast implants can trigger an autoimmune disease.

In the case of silicone breast implants, the only established link with disease is Anablastic Large Cell Lymphoma, at a VERY low rate, less than one... READ MORE

Do I have tubular breasts? If so, how easy is it to correct breasts like this? (photos)

Your breasts are within the range of normal. These are not tubular breasts, but I understand your concern. With appropriate selection of implant, you... READ MORE

Necrosis after tummy tuck? How bad is it? (Photo)

You will likely be OK if you keep an eye on it. The lower aspect of the wound does look like the skin is dead. The purple area superior to it will... READ MORE

Can breast implants that were placed under the muscle come out from under that muscle?

In the case of submuscular implants, only the top of the implant is covered by muscle. The lower aspect of the implant is under gland, fat and skin.... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Is this normal after 3 months because I am not satisfied. (photos)

It looks like you had a high tension closure, with resultant widening of the scar and some wound breakdown. The red areas will fade with time, but the... READ MORE

Do I really need a facelift to tighten my neck and jowls?

The surgical approach for face and neck lift are the same, and it is very difficult to treat one area in isolation of the other. The face and neck are... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Firming Neck and Chin?

If your issue is excess fullness under the chin, this can be addressed very effectively with Kybella injection. This treatment dissolves fat, leading... READ MORE

Once swelling went down I was left with deep lines on hematoma surfaces. How long will this last and what can be done? (photo)

It is unfortunate that you had hematoma formation - this can stretch skin and delay healing. With time your body will reclaim the blood, and your skin... READ MORE

What to do 7 months after complete face, neck, upper & lower eyes? I look like I did prior to surgery! (Photos)

I see your areas of concern. You definitely still have some jowl formation. I also note that your cheeks are flattened and deflated, which is... READ MORE

How Long After Liposuction is Pain and Swelling Normal?

It is not unusual for swelling to persist for months after liposuction. Many patients are surprised by the swelling and bruising that occurs after the... READ MORE

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