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Will Numbness Go Away After a Cut to the Forehead?

I recently cut my forehead down to the bone (shape of a backwards C approx. 3"). I have had my stitches removed a few days ago. Cut is healing well,... READ MORE

How Many Stitches Does a Facelift Require?

How many stitches are there in an average facelift? What's considered a normal amount? READ MORE

What should I do about the strands of hair caught in wound? (Photo)

Hi Just noticed 2 strands of hair are in wound. I am not near the doctor, but have emailed him for advice. What should I do? Cut the hair at the root,... READ MORE

Difference Between Types of Stitches for Facelift?

If a doctor uses a rolling stitch, instead of the very fine sutures I have seen used by some physicians for facelift incisions, is it more likely to... READ MORE

How long would it take for the scar from stitches after facelift to fade?

How long would take for the stitches marks go away after a surgery plastic on a scar in my face to make it thinner ? READ MORE

How Can Surgeons Hide the Stitches from a Facelift?

Is there any way that the surgeon can put the stitches from a Facelift inside the ear? You can always tell someone has had a lift from those tell-tale... READ MORE

Stitches Vs Staples with a Face Lift?

What are the doctors opinions on using staples or stitches? Is there an area of the face where one is better than the other? Read staples aren't a... READ MORE

How Common is It for a Suture Line to Rupture After a Tummy Tuck vs Facelift? (graphic photo)

This is after a face lift. The "stitches" had been removed and I felt something sticking out above the stitchline and gave it a little tug.... READ MORE

I Am Spot Bleeding on a Thick Scar After a Face Lift 5 Weeks Ago Should I Worry?

I had a face lift 5 weeks ago I am doing fine no swelling today when I cleaned the scar carefully with a wipe the wipe had blood spots. My right side... READ MORE

After one week of facelift surgery, should the area around the stitches be red?

One week ago 65 yr. old woman, lower facelift. Stitches behind and in front of ear. I want to know if it is a part of the "NORMAL" recovery process to... READ MORE

How long should it take for the stitches behind my ears to dissolve after mid face lift?

How long should it take for the stitches behind my ears to dissolve after having a mid face lift. Can anything be done to help the process? READ MORE

Why do some doctors want you to wear a compression garment after a FL/NL for a period of time, and others do not require this?

If it keeps down swelling, why wouldn't all doctors require this? Also,....Is it better to just let the scabing or crusts from the incision stitches... READ MORE

Scars from stitches. Will they minimize with time? Are they permanent? (Photo)

I had stitches removed yesterday after a facelift two weeks ago. I am concerned the marks after these were removed. Will they minimize with time? Are... READ MORE

What is the downtime after a facelift?

What is the downtime after a face lift? I am doing a facelift on a Monday and need to return to work on a Thursday. I have long hair , so my stitches... READ MORE

What can I do about painful stitches around the back of my ears after having a facelift 4 weeks ago?

The stitches behind my ears and down around my ear lobes are quite painful still (making it difficult to sleep) after getting a facelift (4 weeks ago)... READ MORE

Had Face/Neck Lift and Breast Implants in Mexico. The surgeon told me the stitches can be removed. Problem - no one will remove.

I had a face/necklift and best implants fine in Mexico. My surgeon said the stitches can be removed, but no one will remove them. My primary... READ MORE

Stitches on outside and inside on lip

Stitch area on top lip is sore and has maintained the small bump inside lip from skin cancer being removed. See a very fine stitch left which has not... READ MORE

Tragus Stitches coming undone. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a Rhytidectomy recently. In the last 2 days, I've had 2 stitches come out in the Tragus area of 1 ear. I trimmed 1. I pulled the other one off... READ MORE

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