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Can Internal Stitches Work Their Way out After a Face Lift?

I had a face and neck lift 8 weeks ago and have suddenly developed an angry red area immediately in front of the right ear. Can this be from a problem... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Behind my Ears for Red Skin, Ridges and Scars, Please, Now I Am 7 Months Post Neck/facelift? (photo)

I have reddened skin, ridges & white scars behind my ears, a very tight scalp & sore tightness around ears. PS attached my lobes but they... READ MORE

Swelling and Red Lines After Multiple Procedures

I had Facelift,Cheek Lift, Lip Lift, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty 5 months ago. Have normal numbness around ears and jawbone. Happy with results... READ MORE

Facelift Scar Red and Raised 11 Weeks Post-op

Facelift scar in front of one ear seems a little raised and red at 11 weeks. Should I be concerned about slightly raised area? I can't say I saw that... READ MORE

Scars Thick and Red 6 Months After Face and Neck Lift?

Six months after face and neck lift and scars are still thick and red. They are very inflame and sensitive. My PS has injected these scars with... READ MORE

15 Days Post-op Face/browlift - Harness and Pain in Jaw and Neck? (photo)

15 days post-op face/browlift. Hardness/tightness in lower jaws and neck. Neck is also painful, lumpy, and red. Had lymphatic massage @ 1 wk - so... READ MORE

Facial Redness After Facelift?

Although the black & blue bruising is gone 2 months post surgery, the sides of my face where it is still hard and tender seem unusually red, and... READ MORE

After one week of facelift surgery, should the area around the stitches be red?

One week ago 65 yr. old woman, lower facelift. Stitches behind and in front of ear. I want to know if it is a part of the "NORMAL" recovery process to... READ MORE

Facelift 5 Days Ago and Have Big Raised Lumps?

I had a facelift/eyes done 5/d ago. I had an amazing surgeon and all aspects of the surgery went well. At f/u, no problems. BUT I AM FREAKED OUT. I... READ MORE

Redness, Irritation and Crusting by Ear After Face Lift

I was healing fine until I notice redness, swelling, crusting both ears 3 and a half months after face lift. I was using Dermasmoothe for eczema and... READ MORE

Face gets very red after surgery, could this be healing?

Had a mid face lift 8 months ago. Use retin .05 everynight and have for years. Use cetaphyl with sunscreen for moisturizer. 4 or 5 times a week lower... READ MORE

Face red, burning and itchy after facelift?

Had a facelift 7 weeks ago in the US when under going migraine surgery. For the last couple of weeks my skin has become red, itchy and burning it is... READ MORE

Intense Puckering behind one ear after face lift. Redness and pain in ear.

I am 5 days post operative after a facelift. All of my pain had subsided until tonight. My incision line goes into my ear and suddenly a point on my... READ MORE

How Would a Facial Plastic Surgeon Be Able to Avoid Long Incisions Across the Forehead of a Balding Person?

The goal is to tighten cheek skin slightly and to rid forehead lines noticeable when at rest. Incisions equal scarring and long term redness at the... READ MORE

Do Tiny 3 Mm Stab Incisions on the Cheek That Are Concaved Fill Back Up on There Own with Time?

Will tiny 3-4mm stab incisions on my cheek fill back up naturally with time, they are 3 weeks old and are not raised but concaved and slightly red, I... READ MORE

I want to know how to minimize recovery time - particularly redness of scarring after a facelift?

I'm booked for a facelift in December and want to know how to maximise my chances of quick and invisible healing. I'm back at work 2 weeks and 2 days... READ MORE

Is this bright red skin behind my ears normal? I have also had this lump on eye (Photos)

Can you please let me know if this is normal skin tissue behind my ears after 6 weeks having had lower facelift and neck lift. Been the same since the... READ MORE

What's causing this? It came up 5 days post suture removal from my facelift procedure. After 8 months, it persists (Photos)

I was treated with 4 different antibiotics over one month and it still persists- no fluid around the area-the doc thinks its the blood vessels- but... READ MORE

What happened to my face/neck lift and peel? (Photo)

I had a facelift neck lift, and peel for neck, Jan 24. my main concern was my neck and jowls. Several weeks after surgery the redness came back in the... READ MORE

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