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Cheek Discoloration After Face Lift

I had a Face Lift 45 days ago. Where the plastic surgeon pulled the platysma on my cheeks, I now have about 1" of discoloration. It looks like a light... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have the Skin in Front of the Ears to Be Hard and a Discolored (But Not Very Swollen ) 3 Days Aftert a Facelift?

I had a facelift 3 days ago. The doctor made my incision in front of the ears. So far everything is perfect except the skin in front of both ears is... READ MORE

Is Discoloration on Side of Ear Normal After 7 weeks? Ear Feels Tight/Blocked/Swollen (Photos)

I am 7 weeks post face and temporal brow lift along with fat transfer to cheeks. About a week after the initial surgery, my left ear felt blocked and... READ MORE

4 months post op from a lower face/ neck lift and I still have discoloration (left over from brushing). Any suggestions? (photo)

Kenelog injections have reduced the lump, but now PS used laser to treat the discoloration. I was told to do nothing to the area? Is that the best advice? READ MORE

Can you recommend me doing everything I need for the best results without complications? (Photo)

Having Modified facelift (Rhytidectomy)Dot Fractional CO2 Laser, Face & Neck,Dermal graft 2 Lips & Fat transfer 2 Face.Fat taken from abdomen 2 Face &... READ MORE

2 weeks post full skin and muscle facelift. Is the discolored skin flaps in front of my ears dying? (Photo)

The bruising in front of my ears has become 'mushy' feeling and they do not change color when pressed on. There is 2 areas that blistered and won't... READ MORE

Do you think my suture ridge could be permanent?

6 weeks after macs lift, large ridge on left cheek to temple, distortion and discolouration to side of face also. My PS has put me on antibiotics and... READ MORE

Facelift and discoloration. I use 4% hydroquinone AM and PM. Is this normal and how long before dissipates?

I had a face lift 10 months and have light red discorations just under cheekbones. I use 4% hydroquinone AM and PM. Is this normal and how long before... READ MORE

Do I have nerve damage or am I experiencing normal healing?

Had deep plane facelift and necklift a few months ago. Skin at the jaw area particularly on one side is really tender to the touch with l limited... READ MORE

Facial sagging at 25 after dramatic weight-loss; can I solve it? (Photos)

I got into an accident 4 years ago and lost about 7 kg's, fast. Since then I've noticed my face sag and there's also swelling below my right eye then... READ MORE

Will my bulging lower eyelids go away after a Mid Facelift thru eyelids?

I had mid face lift thru eye lids two weeks ago. Purple color disappeared but my lower eye lids are bulged as if I have gummy worms under my eyes.... READ MORE

Do I need a mini or full lift? Gravity just punched me real hard everything is sagging I'm only 30.

My upper eyelids never fully open, I look exhausted, I have a double chin sagging cheeks, crooked upper lip,discoloration in my skin. What do you... READ MORE

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