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How is Evolence Different from Restylane or Juvederm Injections?

How is this new filler Evolence different from the HA fillers we know and love, i.e. Restylane or Juvederm? READ MORE

Is Evolence Better Than Juvederm?

There's all this hype about Evolence coming to the U.S. soon but I say what's the point in having another filler if it isn't better than what I... READ MORE

Evolence Vs. Restylane, Which is Better?

Is the new Evolence filler that is coming out supposed to work better than Restylane?  I heard it is supposed to be less painful at least, but... READ MORE

When Will Lumps from Evolence Go Away?

Last week, I had the Evolence filler used on the deep furrows between my eyes. Half of the area has a lump that feels firm, and I also had a bit of... READ MORE

What is Evolence?

How does Evolence work and will it fill in wrinkles? READ MORE

How Much Does Evolence Cost?

What's the normal price per syringe of Evolence, and how much is used in a typical treatment, i.e. for the smile lines? READ MORE

When Will Evolence Breeze Be Available in the USA for Lip Enhancement?

I've read alot about it being used in the UK and women loving it. It would be nice for a lip filler to last 12 months. Do you know if will be a... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Lumps from Evolence

I have lumps from Evolence treatment 1 week ago.  Will the lumps subside? Is there anything I can do to make them disappear faster? I am... READ MORE

Any Complications from Evolence Under the Eyes?

I am planning on getting Evolence injections under my eyes. I am 66, and this is an area which I feel needs attention. Are there any disadvantages or... READ MORE

Lumps and Bumps from Evolence

I've tried Botox on my forehead and didn't like the results so I thought I'd try a filler and my doctor recommended Evolence to fill the wrinkle... READ MORE

Evolence Lip Injections Look Uneven

Could I repair my uneven lips with Juvederm if I had my lips filled with Evolence? If I would like to switch to Juvederm, how long would I have to... READ MORE

Evolence Vs. Restylane: Which is Longer Lasting?

I am a 45 year old, African American female living in New York, and have been getting Restylane injections in the nasolabial folds and lips every 8... READ MORE

Is Evolence Recommended for Filling Under Eye Hollows?

I heard that Evolence lasts longer, but it can cause lumps that can not be dissolved like HA fillers can. If this filler is not recommended, what... READ MORE

Why Did J&J Kill Evolence?

Physicians were notified today that Evolence was immediately pulled from the US market.  Why do you think J&J took this action? READ MORE

Should Patients Be Warned of Evolence Side Effects?

Should patients be told there is a risk of hard white lumps under the skin when Evolence is administered? I don’t think people would take the risk, b... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Lumps on my Mouth Due to Evolence?

I have lumps around my mouth from Evolence injections. It's been a month, and I'm out of patience. What can be done to get rid of them? READ MORE

Is Evolence FDA Approved?

When's this Evolence or Evolence Breeze supposed to be coming out?  I heard it was almost FDA approved awhile ago, but I'm still not sure if it... READ MORE

Evolence in Canada?

An Ontario, Canada dermatologist, name is Dr Kevin Smith is close to my house. He offers a new injection called evolence which sounds like it may be... READ MORE

Evolence Vs. Juvederm: Which is Better?

Is Evolence The Dermal filler really made from PIGS? I am a bit uncomfortable with the idea of pig remains in my face and lips. Are there problems... READ MORE

Is Evolence Breeze the Most Suitable Long-lasting Lip Filler on the Market?

My Physician indicated that collagen-based fillers are longer lasting than Hyaluronic acid fillers. My understanding is that Evolence Breeze is a... READ MORE

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