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EVLT (EndoVenous Laser Treatment) is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat varicose veins. A probe is inserted into the affected vein, which then sends laser energy inside and along the length of the vein. This energy damages the the vein, shrinking it closed so that blood can no longer flow through it. Blood is then re-routed into other healthy veins in the leg. EVLT requires no downtime, but bandages and compression stockings may be worn for up to three weeks after treatment.

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37 Year Old Mother of Two, Finally Addressing my Veins - Lancaster, PA

10/21/16- I just had my first evlt procedure yesterday, so I hope to update this as I go, to share my experience with anyone who might be considering it. Insurance is covering my procedure and I have not yet been billed. Photos uploaded today (10/21/16) were taken today, 1 day after the... READ MORE

Bulging Veins in Arms and Hands. Naples, FL

I am a trim, athletic woman who has always had visible arm and hand veins, but they had gotten worse over the years and made me look older than my age. I couldn't find any doctors who were willing to treat normal veins in the arms and hands. I was becoming frustrated and was considering filler... READ MORE

Endovenous Laser Therapy - Scottsdale, AZ

My genes have factored into my varicose veins. My grandmother, father and aunts have all had surgery on their varicose veins. Because my veins are faulty, insurance covered the procedure and I was left with a minimal payment of $330. The procedure was interesting to observe as you are awake... READ MORE

Dr. Mendes is THE Vein Care Specialist! EVLT Gave Me 100% Relief - New York

Dr. Mendes and her staff are knowledgeable, caring and helped treat the heaviness and discomfort I was feeling in my legs. I stand for prolonged periods at my job and 3 weeks post procedure (EVLT) - I have complete relief! Dr. Mendes put me at ease and took her time to address all my questions.... READ MORE

Mid-30s Mom - Weightloss and Visible Bulging Veins - Dayton, OH

In my 30s I decided to lose very neccisary weight (approx 70lbs). I have always had muscular legs, but once I lost weight this ugly large varicose vein appeared near my calf. I consulted a doctor who specialized in EVLT. I discussed some of the heavy feeling I felt, not realizing it was due to a... READ MORE

Great Doctor! - Brooklyn, NY

I had a long history of pain and tenderness in my legs. Dr Khitin really did an amazing job because I have no symptoms I had before and it feels just great. I will schedule my follow up visit this month just to make sure everything is well. Also, they have two locations, and you can pick which... READ MORE

EVLT Done by Dr. Karamanoukian. Buffalo, NY

My legs were achy all the time. I went to see Dr. K and he explained the procedure in detail and put me completely at ease. The procedure itself was painless and the outcome was very good. My legs look much better and no longer ache. His staff was very helpful and professional. My experience... READ MORE

Painless Procedure , Fast Recovery - Coral Gables, FL

I am a mom in my late thirties and developed some bulging veins after the baby . It was not only bothering me how bad it looked ( living in sunny Florida) but it cause me great deal of pain. My legs felt tired and achy most of the times. After some research , I visited Dr Chang and he made me... READ MORE

Excellent Doctor and Practice - Manhattan, NY

I came here for a consultation for bulging veins on my right thigh. Dr. Khitin was very polite and made sure to explain thoroughly my options for the treatment. I am very satisfied and relieved after seeing him and will definitely be getting the endovenous laser therapy in about 6 weeks, which... READ MORE

EVLA - Things Got a Million Times Worse - Orange County, CA

I had a bulging vein at the back of my calf, so I went to check it out. Sometimes my leg would ache if I sit through a 3 hour long lecture, for example, long, unpleasant dull pain. The doc said something was wrong in the vein, needed to be removed, said it should be done with laser. Okay. First... READ MORE

I Had a Big Bulging Vein and Now Its Gone. Amazingly Gone! - Los Angeles, CA

The vein on my leg looked like a snake going down my leg and now its gone after Dr. Karamanoukian did surgery on me. Its completely gone after not even two weeks. I am so glad and happy with the results. The pain with my veins was excruciating and now the veins are better and more... READ MORE


Pro and cons none i feel a lot of pain i did it to make my legs feel better i am having complications i feel pins and needles sensations pain and burning in my feet READ MORE

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