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EMatrix - 2 Hours Post First EMatrix Treatment - Central California

I am male, 43 y.o. with very fair skin and a redhead. My overall skin condition is good to excellent as I’ve tried to take care of my skin on a regular basis including the daily use of a high SPF sun block since my 20’s and have pretty much avoided un protected sun exposure. However I did exp... READ MORE

One Matrix Treatment Helped Shrink my Pores! - Cooper City, FL

I am a female, late 40's. I have always had thicker skin on my face. I have had some acne throughout the years, including cystic type, but no scarring. I have had one matrix about two years ago and before that, six IPL Photo facials to even out red and brown pigmented skin. I don't have... READ MORE

The Perfect Candidate - Santa Barbara, CA

I went to American Laser (which is wide spread and has a very good reputation) and was told that I was a perfect canadate one because I am only 20 years old two because I was treating acne scares and three because they are very minor (only visable up close). I had four treatments with a month... READ MORE

Ematrix - Bad Outcome - New York, NY

Wanted to share my regrets about doing ematrix. Went in for mild acne scarring on cheeks and chin, was really nervous about possible poor results and specifically asked about possibility of ematrix causing additional scarring or collagen loss. I was promised by 2 doctors at this practice (on... READ MORE

E-matrix for Removing Acne Scars - Hong Kong

Hi I have some acne scars on my face for over 15 years. Although they are not too visible, I want to get rid of them. I had tried injection for filling them up, having chemical peelings, MTS and I had IPL treatment on a monthly basis for one and a half years. The scars did improved (they are... READ MORE

Have Horrible Brown Spots Under My Skin! - Glendale, AZ

I signed up for a series of 5 E Matrix treatments just over a year ago, after visiting their booth at a women's fair. The cost seemed reasonable, $2,100.00, and they included some micro-dermabrasion treatments with the package. This was supposedly a "discounted price". I read the reviews before... READ MORE

A Complete Mess - Newport Beach, CA

I had an eMatrix treatment yesterday and am horrified with what I am seeing today. First of all, apparently I am incredibly stupid because I went to a med spa that had a groupon for this in Newport Beach, CA. I am in my mid 40's and thought that perhaps this would be a procedure that would have... READ MORE

Seeking Feedback About E-Matrix for Treating Acne Scar - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello all, I had my first appointment with a (quite well-known with good reputation according to reviews) dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles yesterday. I have been suffering from acne for more than 20 years of my life so far, from severe, moderate to weak but with lots of scars remained... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Hyper-pigmentation and Some Acne Scars - Miami, FL

Hello everyone! I'm a 23 year old male and have some hyper-pigmentation and minor acne scars on both of my cheeks. After doing a lot of research and reading people's experiences I have decided to get an E Matrix procedure done on my cheeks . Hopefully I only need one procedure since my... READ MORE

Looking for Long Term Results EMatrix - Sudbury, ON

Just had my second Ematrix treatment today. Was on level C today but less painful and I'm less red than the first session, at level B. I have one more scheduled for one month from today. I had a lot of peeling that was hard to hide with make up which made me self-conscious at work, but my... READ MORE

I Had my First Session on June 13 2012 - Allentown, PA

Its been 3 days now, and i still have the patches on my face from the machine. First day my face was swollen which make the Acne scars disappear.. and today, my scars are back as how they used to be, only surrounded by red marks. I was told the redness will go away in 4 days, so i have one more... READ MORE

Works Great for Acne Scars - Austin, TX

I had four sessions of ematrix for my full face plus an additional four for just my cheeks. I have really bad ice pick scarring from acne, especially on my cheeks. I admit, it was a very painful experience, but only on the forehead and cheek bone area...it felt like a hot needle poking you... READ MORE

EMatrix Procedure - Florida

I had my 1st E-Matrix treatment on the whole face for mild/medium acne scars on the 23rd. I was told it was done on a low B setting (B32). It didn't feel bad at all with the numbing cream and the redness wasn't too bad either, only lasted for about a day. My face felt really warm during... READ MORE

Just Had the Procedure Done 3 Days Ago - Charleston, SC

I had fines lines around my mouth and had the procedure done just in this area, chin and jaw line. The cost was $275. The entire face is $525. Immediately after I had a mild sunburn. Had to ride home with the ac on high in my car and pointed at my face. Felt very hot but after about an hour... READ MORE

EMATRIX - JUST SAY NO! - California

I'm so over all these mystery machines and their claims to: a) magically rejuvenate skin with no downtime, b) tighten sagging skin, c) be safe for all skin types d) blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm here to tell you that I've tried a lot of different things by qualified an... READ MORE

So Dissappointed... - Charlotte, NC

Dont go to AMERICAN LASER CENTER in Charlotte, NC. I had 2 E Matrix and 2 Affirm. These people never applied numbing cream, so you can imagine how that was, those who have had it before. I ask about the cream. "we dont do that here". The manager was super rude. I only missed and... READ MORE

Ematrix Results Eight Days After Procedure - Czech Republic

I had the Ematrix for entire face eight days ago. My skin today looks smooth, fresh and as if I'm wearing a concealer. Very happy with results so far! One year ago I had the CO2 laser. That was much more painful and a lot of redness, pain and bruising afterwards but the results were amazing... READ MORE

Under Eye Wrinkles - Columbus, GA

I dont understand how Ematrix is not working for some people. I have had 1 treatment and I can see results! I will admit that the Ematrix RF works a heck of a lot better than just elos fractional laser. Also, people have to keep in mind that it takes 10 weeks to get the FINAL result. Your body... READ MORE

Very Painful but Possibly Worth It - Greensboro, NC

It has been seven days since my second ematrix treatment. My first was five weeks ago. It was done by an anesthetist at a spa who has been doing laser treatments for 30 years.The first treatment wass very painful but the second was almost unbearable. She turned up the volume.I used a numbing... READ MORE

The Sublative Rejuvenation - Norcross, Georgia

I've heard about the eMatrix through youtube and how it suppose to be better then other kinds of lasers. I search online to the clinic near my local area and went to a consultation. I've been struggling with really horrible acne scars left during adolescence years and really wanted to... READ MORE

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