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53 Yrs Old at the Time - Nashville, TN

Wanted skin tightening, collagen growth. The pulses feel like tiny electrical shocks, but after the first 4 or five, Its not bad. The eye area is the most sensitive. I have had 2 treatments a yr for 5 years. My skin feels and looks tighter, thicker and smoother since starting these treatments. ... READ MORE

Not a Pleasant Experience - Hackensack, NJ

I had 5 treatments of "E-Matrix" for acne scars with Dr. Goldberg. I was told it was a new laser treatment that would stimulate the collagen of my skin to improve my acne scarring. I had one treatment each month for a period of 5 months. It has been a year since I received my last treatment... READ MORE

Ematrix - New Philadelphia, PA

No results at all , even after a year, waste of money, American Laser does tell you what you want to hear not the truth, you do not get a better face in six months to a year, after the first month you don't even see the new skin anymore you go back to the same complexion. Please stay away... READ MORE

EMATRIX - Did Anyone Have Really UNEVEN SPLOTCHY Grid Marks on Only Small Parts of the Face? - New York, NY

Hoping to post pics soon but wanted to share my experience so far. I had my first session in October. I haven't been able to tell a difference just yet but my term did say it takes about 5 treatments. At over $1000 per session, I am really hoping that it will take me just one more session... READ MORE

First Sublative Treatment -Ann Arbor, MI

Today I had my first Sublative treatment. I did not have numbing cream applied... my aesthetician said she did not use any during her treatment and she is a "sissy"...she felt I would be okay. She was right. I did hold the cold air blower on my face and moved it as needed, but honestly I was... READ MORE

Today is the Day! (Actually It's on the 4th) -San Francisco, CA

I'm a little nervous about this. Here's some background so that you can get a better sense of what I'm trying to do and where I'm coming from. 1. I'm asian, with fair to yellow skin color. I tan really easily and the tan generally lasts for quite some time, however, I stay covered with... READ MORE

Ematrix Has Made a Big Overall Improvement in my Skin. -La Jolla, CA

I'm 53 and could use a face lift! I've some old acne scars too. When I decided to try this it was for the skin tightening effects. It was not until after I purchased the package of 4 treatments that I even realized scaring something that might also improve. Over the years I've had treatments... READ MORE

Trying the E-matrix -Phoenix, AZ

I consulted with a med spa and E-Matrix along with Refirm was recommended (3 of each) I don't have a lot of wrinkles, but I do have a scar on my chin formed by the little whiteheads that come out and the many micro scars made a line type scar. My chin has some hyperpigmentation on it as well,... READ MORE

Second Ematrix Treatment -Santa Rosa, CA

I had my second Ematrix treatment on July 5. My 3rd one is scheduled for August 2. I have not seen major results yet because as soon as I think I am seeing results, it's time for the next treatment. It appears to me that the pores on my nose are smaller, the creases around my eyes are... READ MORE

Ematrix Worked for my Acne Scars - Niles, OH

I had my first ematrix procedure this past week and have experienced a distinct and noticable improvement in my acne scars. The scars themselves, are rolling and ice pick type scars, on my cheeks, about 15 years old. Approximately 5 days after the treatment it was clear that the scars had... READ MORE

Miracle E-matrix - Salt Lake City, UT

Ok. First of all I am a physician so I do my homework and I have not been able to find ANYTHING that keeps my melasma under control. I have done all the hydroxyquinone, IPL, C- creams, retin A, sunscreen, hats . My Derm recommended E- matrix followed by cosmion mask and I am AMAZED!! I am 6 days... READ MORE

Works for fine lines, but not sure about the skin tightening.

I had one full-face & neck procedure done in the middle of November 2012 and the 2nd on February 27, 2013. I honestly think the laser melted some of the fat in my cheeks, which I'm not overly pleased about. My first procedure took 5 days to heal (without any ointment) and the second... READ MORE

My Experience Was Not Like Yours - Fort Lauderdale, FL

It was twice the price and they did not use any numbing cream. I was not told about the possibility of scabs, etc. I am not a happy camper. I was sent home in pain and unable to drive adequately. No sunscreen applied and I live in Florida. The technician talked about herself and not about what I... READ MORE

Save You Money, No Results - New Philadelphia, PA

I have seen no results, it is like using a facial scrub afterwards, save your money i went and had this done but after swelling went down, you really can not see any difference in skin or wrinkles same as before except i am out a lot of money. I would tell anyone not to do this find... READ MORE

Ematrix on Stretch Marks - Scottsdale, AZ

I didn't my first ematrix on my stretch marks on my stomach area.. Overall procedure was not painful at all... Afterwards felt very sunburnt in the area but only last maybe a day. Now on day 3 just have little scabs that ate not very noticeable at all... Can't tell much of a deference yet but... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - Pleasanton, CA

I've had 4 eMatrix treatments and so far see no improvement in the texture or reduction in wrinkles on my face. The treatment is uncomfortable, but not painful. However, the 4-6 hours following the treatment can be very painful. It feels like the worst sunburn yo have ever had. Don't plan on... READ MORE

Glad I Did It -Plano, TX

I am a Mexican American 52 yr old with olive skin that tans into a golden color. I started to notice my neck was a little crepeyand the light acne scars on my cheek were more noticible and creating "waves" on my cheek. I went to ALC and signed up for 4 treatments on my face and neck. My first... READ MORE

Waste of Money for Acne Scars -San Antonio, TX

I wanted Dot Therapy for my icepick scars, as I had seen pictures in my doctor's office with great results, plus it was less expensive! She kept saying she wanted to do the EMatrix, because it was "new" and she had high hopes for it with acne scars. She did warn me that there was nothing... READ MORE

No No and More No : Acne Scars - New York, NY

Do not waste your money if u intend on getting this procedure for acne scars. i have rolling scars on my cheek and decided to get this done because it seemed reasonably priced and minimal downtime. well, you will have grid-like marks on your face for at least 3-4 days depending how strong they... READ MORE

Should I Continue? - Bay Shore, NY

So I am 20 years old, almost 21, and I have been left with some horrible acne scarring from when i was a teen, and it really knocks my confidence. I went for a consultation at Perfect Body NY and agreed to start the E-Matrix treatment once a month, alongside a Micro once a month also. The... READ MORE

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