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eMatrix (aka Matrix Skin) is a skin resurfacing treatment that is marketed as dark-skin friendly. The treatments usually involves three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

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I Struggled with Adult Acne from 18-26.

When I turned 18 I started to struggling with adult acne. I tried everything from medication to the latest products. At age 25 I finally got my breakouts under control and my skin was clear. Unfortunately I was left with minor scaring and indentations in my skin. I have done 3 eMatrix treatments... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne Scars and Redness - Santa Monica, CA

I prefer to not wear much makeup so I really wanted to see what could be done to improve the surface of my skin after developing unsightly scarring and pitting ( for lack of a better word :) ) caused by acne I had over the years. Dr. Karamanoukian knew exactly where to start and what to do.... READ MORE

20 Yr Old, Olive Skin, Acne Scars - Vancouver, BC

I had 3 ematrix treatments, which I was told was all that was needed for maximum results. My main concerns was pitted acne scars. My scars aren't severe, mild-moderate depending on the area. Each treatment, hurt quite a bit, and we did my entire face. My face had a grid like appearance, which... READ MORE

Carolyn is the BEST!!! Miami, FL

Carolyn is amazing! She is so calm and comforting throughout the entire procedure. She was very professional and walked me through the procedure step by step. My skin looks amazing! I can't wait to go back and see her again!! The procedure was painless and easy to sit through. I look younger and... READ MORE

Smaller Pores & Better Texture. Phoenix, AZ

As a 53 year old med spa veteran who has had many procedures......I was skeptical about signing up for a series of 3 ematrix treatments. I was looking for collagen stimulation & better texture/resurfacing. I had my face done 7 days ago and in spite of a little anxiety about pain (cause of what I... READ MORE

Exceptional Treatment, Exceptional Staff, Exceptional Facility! Nashville, TN

I have been undergoing eMatrix treatment for the last few months now to remove some scarring that I have. My scars have noticeably cleared up, and to me it has been well-worth the reasonable cost. Lindsey, who performs the eMatrix procedures, is beyond professional and always willing to answer... READ MORE

EMatrix Sublative Procedure - Brunswick, GA

I had the E Matrix Sublative several months ago and It was an absolute DISASTER!! I have NEVER had acne but now I have tiny POCK MARKS all over my face as well as MORE wrinkles than I had before!! I would NOT recommend this procedure to ANYONE and I feel like crying because I actually PAID for... READ MORE

50 Y/o - Marina Del Rey, CA

Dr Spring was excellent. Very pleasant demeanor and she knew how to decrease the anxiety I displayed. Having never done a procedure, it was a very relaxing first experience. I look forward to continuing my bodies tune-up process and having additional procedures done to regress the years, Thank you! READ MORE

Worse Skin Texture After EMatrix - Switzerland, CH

I am deeply sad about the outcome of my eMatrix treatment. (Sorry, when my english is not so good. I am Swiss, 51 years) Bigger pores, more pores, some red spots, new scars, deeper acne scars and no improvement of the many small wrinkles I have on my cheeks. The only positive result is e little... READ MORE

30's East Asian Fair Skin with Light Freckling. San Francisco, CA

I love sublative lasers! I haven't tried Fraxel yet, but Angelina Jolie gets those done and she looks amazing for her age so I'll be looking into that as well. I heard Thermage results were varied with fat loss and other scary results so I'll stay away from Thermage. Back to sublative,... READ MORE

The Best Cosmetic Treatment I've Ever Experienced! Milwaukee, WI

I'm in my early 50s and still had acne scarring from my teen and young adult years. I also started having patchiness, skin discoloration, small wrinkles, and skin that was starting to sag. I had GREAT results from a series of five ematrix treatments at an excellent facility with a more medical... READ MORE

Consultation Only - Don't Do Perfect Body Look for a Real Doctor- Price is the Same! - Bayshore, New York

First, the idea of coming to this place, which is posh like a successful doctors office and giving my drivers license is scary!! If identity theft happens I will point the police to this location. Next, they put a lot of papers in front of you when you first come in so read CAREFULLY. Do not... READ MORE

20 with Moderate Acne Scarring - Santa Monica, CA

As I started college I suddenly started breaking out and it left noticeable scarring. Catching it early (I heard the sooner you treat scars, the better) I decided to give the ematrix a try. It's only been about 4 days since my first procedure but I can already tell it was so worth it! It filled... READ MORE

Redding, Ca Gal Had a GrEaT Experience....Wow! - San Francisco, CA

First day post-op. eMatrix and Skin Tightening treatments to face, mouth, neck and chest. Treatments were pain free for me. Burning sensation the first 6 hours but had subsided at bedtime. Results are already noticeable. Slight redness and swelling, only I can see it, hubby cannot. I am... READ MORE

Ematrix - Redness Not Going Away - Dallas, TX

It's been 11 days since my ematrix treatment. My face is still red with rectangular shapes. I've had treatments with fractional laser that caused minimal redness for 24 hours. The people at National Laser Institute in Dallas told me their laser was down when I showed up for my appointment and... READ MORE

Despite Many Negative Reviews...decided to Go for It! - Portland, OR

I'm a 50 year old female, who after years of saying I didn't want any "alterations" or "enhancements" to my face finally took the plunge. I've researched many different procedures and options. I've abused my skin with years of overexposure in the sun.....therefore, the texture, as well as some... READ MORE

Leaning Toward It's Worth It...

Yesterday was my first ematrix procedure in hopes to minimize shallow acne scarring on my checks and chin. I decided to go with doing this despite reading some bad reviews of the ematrix on this site because I can't stand looking at my scars anymore and am willing to take the risk for the... READ MORE

Should I Continue - Rockville, MO

I am 35 years old and I started the first e-matrix treatment in October and I finished the 3 treatment last month, I am not sure if I will continue because I do not see any result until now, actually my skin do not look good at all. why I should spender more money in something I do not see... READ MORE

53 Yrs Old at the Time - Nashville, TN

Wanted skin tightening, collagen growth. The pulses feel like tiny electrical shocks, but after the first 4 or five, Its not bad. The eye area is the most sensitive. I have had 2 treatments a yr for 5 years. My skin feels and looks tighter, thicker and smoother since starting these treatments. ... READ MORE

Not a Pleasant Experience - Hackensack, NJ

I had 5 treatments of "E-Matrix" for acne scars with Dr. Goldberg. I was told it was a new laser treatment that would stimulate the collagen of my skin to improve my acne scarring. I had one treatment each month for a period of 5 months. It has been a year since I received my last treatment... READ MORE

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