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eMatrix (aka Matrix Skin) is a skin resurfacing treatment that is marketed as dark-skin friendly. The treatments usually involves three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

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46 Year Old

My goal was to get rid of wrinkles from frowning/squinting between eyebrows/forehead and over top lip. Had 3 ematrix treatments (1 per month) and finally small lip injections in top lip just to help reduce wrinkles on top lip. Very knowledgeable in treatments. Most importantly. Don't pick... READ MORE

Ematrix nightmare:I Used to Have a Nice Complexion

I am a 40 year old woman with an olive skin tone. I did a sublative procedure at a plastic surgeons office in hopes of improving tightness and brightness. Immediately following the procedure my skin was very angry, swollen and warm for about 3 days and then by day 5 everything had sloughed off.... READ MORE

Mild Acne Scars - EMatrix - South East Asian 30 F

I have mild acne scars on both sides of my cheeks, they have been there for over 10 years (teenage acne years) I have tried derma rolling on my own and it helped a lot on the skin texture but not as much as I wanted to on my rolling scar and boxcars. Today was my first eMatrix session - 80mj... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Medium Deep Acne Scars. I've Tried It All - Glendale, CA

I just finished doing my microdermabrasion treatments, I got 10 with not much of any improvement. My scars are actually not that bad in my opinion, definitely visible even with makeup but I've seen worse. Anyway, I was trying to find a treatment where I could do one and done no matter the price.... READ MORE

46 Year Old with Moderate Left Cheek Acne Scarring - Palos Heights, IL

Okay so I'm new to this whole E Matrix thing it was suggested by my dermatologist. I have had my left cheek scars for years anyway as a result I lost facial volume and was a real downer for me. Always feeling self conscience and well they suggested this and never telling me there was going to be... READ MORE

What Happens when You Have Sublative Rejuvenation - Bondi Junction, AU

Omg. So 11th September I had my first treatment of sublative rejuvenation. The numbing cream they apply lasts about 1 minute after they wipe it off. At first it felt like tiny little needles jabbing my face, kind of like a tattoo feeling. After the numbing cream wore of I could start to feel the... READ MORE

Acne Scars- 1st E-Matrix Procedure - Dallas, TX

Had my first E-matrix procedure from the National Laser Institute in Dallas. Everybody was very nice but nobody could prepare me for the procedure. The procedure was very painful and there was no numbing cream given, which I would definitely think that would help. It felt like a needle... READ MORE

Very Happy So Far! American Laser Skincare - Boston, MA

I've had some acne scars on my right cheek ever since I had very bad acne in my teens. I took 3 full courses of Accutane and my skin gets a few break outs here and there, but has been tremendously improved since I was about 19 and took the first course of Accutane (I'm currently 33). My main... READ MORE

About to Give Sublative a Chance! - Washington, DC

I am currently at the doctors getting my face numb. I have gotten the eMatrix a chance last month and I didn't see much of an improvement but my doctor assured me that I need to get the procedure done a few times before I can see improvements on my facial scars. They are not deep but many and... READ MORE

People with Darker Skin Should NOT Use Fraxel for Acne. Use EMatrix - New York

I spent numerous hours looking at this website and many others on reviews for Fraxel on African American skin and could not find any. I was scheduled to get my first Fraxel treatment on Sept 15, 2010. I was very nervous due to all the reviews I did read and the lack of information for people... READ MORE

Hoping For The Best - Broomfield, CO

I have moderate acne scarring on my cheeks and have meant to get something done about them for years but something else always comes up. However, the older I get, the more lax my skin gets and the more noticeable my scars seem to become. So, I have been researching everything under the sun... READ MORE

1st EMatrix Treatment -Plano, TX

I am 55 years old and am very much into anything that has "anti-aging" associated with it. I decided to try the eMatrix treatments...so I bought a series of four. I had my first treatment 2 days ago. First let me say that even though I took a pain pill and had lidocaine applied to my face...it... READ MORE

EMatrix for Acne Scars Treatment - Thailand, TH

Hi there! I am 30 years old from Burma who had 2 sessions of eMatrix laser already. I went to Bangkok to consult about acne scars, which I have all over my face. I met Dr. Una last year in an International Hospital who advised me about eMatrix skin resurfacing and subscission. I wasn’t sure a... READ MORE

EMatrix Experience - Farmington Hills, MI

I have been looking to get rid of scars on my face forever(15yrs). Finaly decided to try this since I was told this treatment could be done on almost any skin. I am an Asian Indian male 33+. So I went to get my first treatement at American Laser Skincare (ALS) fka American Laser Center. Four... READ MORE

EMatrix, OUCH! - San Antonio, TX

So I had my 1st ematrix yesterday and OMG! IT WAS SO PAINFUL! Like more painful than childbirth! I was not offered and numbing cream. I have had 3 fraxel treatments (with numbing cream) and that was a walk in the park compared to eMatrix. When I got home yesterday, my face was on FIRE! I had to... READ MORE

Not Sure Yet - Cooper City, FL

Had my first treatment yesterday. I did smell the burning skin that everyone complains about (it's actually the little hairs being singed). It did sting but quite tolerable with the numbing cream applied 1 hour prior. Felt like a bad sunburn for about 3 hours then didn't feel anything at... READ MORE

Just Did my 4th One Today 4/24/2022 - Texas

I have had acne since the fifth grade( I am 24 Now) and I have tried lasers back when I was 19. I notice a slight difference I am hoping since they went as high as the company can let them go I will notice more results within a few weeks. I may get a 5th one free on another HIGH setting as today... READ MORE

No Better Than a Cream - Left scars Plano, TX

I decided to treat myself with this series of 4 treatments. I can't say there is no difference at all, but no better than a good cream could do. I had a couple of days "down time" after each procedure. Did nothing for hair. Did a very small amount for wrinkles and tightening.... READ MORE

Ematrix Nightmare - Bellevue, WA

Worst experience I have ever had. I ended up in the emergency room 2 days after my first (and only) treatment. I went in for a pre- treatment test area so they could see how I would react to the procedure and what strength I should use. That night the test spot was red and the next morning it... READ MORE

1st Time I Would Do It Again - South County, RI

I was sent an e-mail from a local skin rejuvenation spa in my town with information on the e-matrix sublative laser treatment. I was interested in Fraxel but no one in my area offers it. Made an appointment for E-matrix because they had a special promotion at a reduced cost in the month of... READ MORE

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