Darkening + Dental Crown

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Would a Porcelain Crown Cause my Gums to Darken?

Hi. I had a root canal on my front tooth 10 years ago and now it's quite discolored. I'm about to get a porcelain crown, but am hesitant if it would... READ MORE

Can crowns darken?

A few years ago I had my teeth bleached and I had crowns placed on my four front teeth to match. (Removed existing crowns) now it seems like my crowns... READ MORE

Do you really need a crown after root canal treatment?

I am having a root canal on tooth number 5. It has darkened a bit. I don't really want a crown since I already have one and don't like it. I am afraid... READ MORE

My boyfriend has a ceramic crown, will this cause black gums?

My boyfriend has a ceramic crown on a front tooth, he is 27 has been smoking for seven years and is a white male but his gums are turning a light... READ MORE

Is it ok to use Opalescense teeth whitener on temporary plastic crown?

I have an ugly plastic temporary crown on my front tooth. It was supposed to come off two weeks ago after having been on for 3 weeks, but the... READ MORE

Is it possible to darken porcelain crowns? (photos)

Is there any way to darken porcelain crowns after they are in the mouth? Except for one central lower incisor the very prominent crowns on my lower... READ MORE

Is there any way to darken my bridge?

I choose a very white color for my bridge. Now from friends and family, I find that they are way too white. They are scary white. READ MORE

Unhappy with Dental Crown; dentist used pressed to metal crown - too large, color does not match. (photo)

I had a cap placed on a front center-bottom tooth yesterday. The dentist used a pressed to metal crown. I assumed that was the best option because he... READ MORE

How can I darken temporary crowns?

I chipped my front tooth previously and they put a filling on it. It lasted for years and it chipped off yesterday. Went in and they told me a crown... READ MORE

Cemented crowns surface treatment?

I had 20 teeth crowns placed about a year ago, at the time I really liked the results and the color however, now my skin got a little darker/yellowish... READ MORE

Bridge discolored after 6 months. Any suggestions?

I had a zirconium 3D cantilever bridge fitted 6 months ago and it has already darkened. When it was first placed it was a shade darker than my natural... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: How to stain darker or lighten porcelain or zirconia crowns? (photos)

In an FMR--all upper and lower teeth crowned porcelain on zirconia or pure zirconia--is there a way to lighten or darken the crowns in the mouth? The... READ MORE

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