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Can a Collagen Drink Mix Improve Skin?

Can a collagen supplement actually reduce signs of aging? I came across Dr. Venessa's Collagen drink mix, and it just seems too good to be true... READ MORE

Is Collagen Injections for Breasts Safe?

I got a friend who went for Collagen injection in her breast. And I want to go too but I want to know if its safer than Breast implant. READ MORE

Collagen Injections Side Effects?

If I get collagen injections, what are the risks and possible side effects I'll be facing? READ MORE

How Much Do Collagen Injections Cost?

I just had this collagen filler on my depressed acne scars like 2days ago...i ended up paying 5000 dollars on it.. do these treatments really cost... READ MORE

Consequences of Collagen Injections to Buttocks?

I have a friend who went to Mexico to gain a bigger butt and said, collagen was injected in her rear. If this is possible, what are some consequences... READ MORE

Collagen Injections to Increase Face Volume?

Can I use collagen injection to make my face look fatter? READ MORE

Collagen on Knees?

Will Collagon Work for Knees when It is Bone on Bone? READ MORE

Is CosmoDerm an Effective Treatment for Facial Scars?

I read that CosmoDerm collagen injections are used for old acne scars. Does anyone know if a dermatologist would use this on a regular facial scar? ... READ MORE

Collagen Injections for Buttocks?

I have some indentations on my buttocks (cellulite but I don't like to say so :) Anyway, I'm wondering if collagen injections for the buttocks would... READ MORE

Collagen Injection Alternatives - What Works Best?

My Dermatologist friend said that collagen injected is passe. You can now get better aleternatives. What are these?  do you agree they are better... READ MORE

Removing Collagen Injection from Breast?

I just want to ask, is it possible to remove the collagen injected in the breast? Because I have done it, but I feel the muscle pain in my chest. Is... READ MORE

How to Remove Bumpy Collagen in the Nose

I had a collagen injection for 3 years now, I and i find it ok and beautiful except in my upper nose area. It has a red bumpy appearance. I need to... READ MORE

Can I Use a Filler to Fix my Stretched Belly Button Skin from Pregnancy? (photo)

Hello. I had a navel piercing for four years before I got pregnant. I took it out when i was 4 months , and now 3 months after baby its stretched out... READ MORE

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