Chin Surgery Videos

This Young Woman Sees Her New Face for the First Time — See Her Reaction

Dr. Michael Elam performed a chin augmentation, septorhinoplasty and rhinoplasty on this woman. See her reaction when she sees her new face for the first time. VIEW NOW


The Power of the Selfie: Photo Trend Leads to More Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. William Portuese explains how the evolution of a photo trend has lead to more patients becoming concerned over their weak or recessive chins and seeking plastic surgery to help improve their profile. VIEW NOW

Here's How a Chin Augmentation Can Completely Change Your Face

Dr. David Mabrie goes into detail on how the chin augmentation procedure can help provide you with a stronger and more sculpted jaw line. VIEW NOW


A Chin Implant Augmentation Often Accompanies a Rhinoplasty

Dr. Shervin Naderi explains why a chin implant augmentation may be suggested alongside a rhinoplasty and demonstrates why and how he prefers to make his own. VIEW NOW

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Nose Job, Chin Implant, and Neck Liposuction: This Woman Sees Her Results

This woman got work done on her nose, chin, and neck. See her results eight days post-op. VIEW NOW

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What Can I Do About My Chin? The Surgeon Explains Your Options

First question: What results are you looking for? Get the details from Dr. Mel T. Ortega. VIEW NOW

Ethnic Facial Plastic Surgery: The Doctor's Considerations for a Natural and Balanced Look

Dr. Kofi Boahene discusses the specialty of ethnic facial scar revision, rhinoplasty and, jaw contouring, and how to choose a facial plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

Learn About Innovative Facial Implants for Your Cheeks and Chin

Dr. Greg Cherfnoff explains how he commonly performs cheek and chin implants to enhance the face. Both are performed from the inside of the mouth so there are no scars or screws. VIEW NOW

See This Woman's Nose & Chin Transformation — What Does She Think?

Dr. Michael Elam performed a septorhinoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation on this woman. See her reaction when she sees her new face for the first time! VIEW NOW

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How to Evaluate Before & After Photos, According to the Doctor

Dr. Robert Kotler explains the importance of evaluating before and after pictures. VIEW NOW

Correcting a Weak Chin with a Chin Implant — The Doctor Explains With Before & Afters

Dr. Francis Palmer discusses how to augment the chin using a chin implant as well as how to decide if your chin needs to be augmented. VIEW NOW

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This Woman Sees Her New Nose and Chin For The First Time — Does She Like the Results?

Dr. Michael Elam performed a chin augmentation, septoplasty and rhinoplasty on this woman. See her reaction when she sees her new face for the first time. VIEW NOW

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What is Chin Enhancement?

Dr. Elizebeth Whitaker explains how she evaluates each patient to help them choose the right chin procedure for them. VIEW NOW

What Is Genioplasty?

Dr. Richard J. Bruneteau explains what genioplasty is and what it can do for a person's profile. VIEW NOW